Jiqi, “Chinese version of Thrasio”, to help businesses achieve hundredfold growth

SHANGHAI, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jiqi is a commodity service provider that creates a micro-brand matrix and enables small and medium-sized businesses to increase their revenue. By using its unique patented intelligent algorithm and the success formula of Qiwu, it provides closed-loop operation service and helps brands to reconstruct and improve their operation capacity, so as to achieve revenue and efficiency increase.

Jiqi is not eager to pursue large-scale mergers and acquisitions, but more focuses on the core growth points of supply chain empowerment and data empowerment.

Focusing on empowerment itself can better strengthen its own differential competitiveness.

First of all, as a domestic brand, Jiqi has a deep understanding of the domestic supply chain, and thanks to many years of experience in the front line of the supply chain, Jiqi is more likely to take advantage of the resource of the industrial chain, which is beneficial to empower sellers and brands. For example, Jiqi has Qiwuji, which connects a series of closed-loop enabling services from selection, content, shelves, promotion to packaging, warehousing and customer service. And it can help businesses achieve more value-added space.

Secondly, with its own intelligent algorithm technology, Jiqi can complete the accurate matching of new products and online merchants, which means Jiqi has the supply chain distribution capability that driven by data. The result of this capability is higher supply chain competitiveness, thus further empowering merchants and realizing sales value-added.

Of course, with the growth of its strength in the future, in addition to focusing on the core growth point, Jiqi doesn’t exclude the possibility of acquiring brands.

In terms of marketing, Jiqi can also further help merchants expand marketing channels, and realize the aggregation and value-added of micro brands through brand empowerment with its data and algorithm capabilities, thereby achieving more premium space.

At present, Jiqi has aggregated thousands of SKU supply chain services for thousands of merchants, providing them with complete sales services, bringing additional value and revenue.

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