JIOS Aerogel to Showcase Innovative Products At Upcoming ‘The Battery Show’, North America

SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JIOS Aerogel, an innovator in creating critical components for Lithium-ion battery systems, will showcase their latest technology at The Battery Show on September 13 – 15, 2022. The Battery Show in Michigan, USA, is the most comprehensive event for North America’s advanced battery manufacturing industry.

Showcasing at The Battery Show

The Battery Show is the largest Battery and Electric Vehicle Technologies Trade Show in North America that brings together engineers, business leaders, top-industry companies, and innovative thinkers to discover ground-breaking products and create robust solutions for the future. The 2022 show will have 10,000+ attendees, 750+ suppliers, and 150+ speakers rounding up the event.

This global exhibition has seen numerous famous and Fortune 500 companies like Samsung, Tesla, Ford, Borg Warner, and General Motors attending the event. JIOS’ will be part of the lineup to appear for the show this September 13th to 15th.

Marketing and Program Director Dr. Stephen Hodson said, “JIOS will showcase its Thermal Blade range at The Battery Show and its most recent advances in technology for compressible cell-to-cell barriers. By encapsulating aerogel within a thin, profiled housing, the Thermal Blade exhibits excellent performance under high compression, ensuring the long-term safety and performance of the battery system.”

JIOS Aerogel will be located at Booth 3112 of The Battery Show and is providing sponsorship support for the keynote speech on advancements in EV design.

At the cutting edge of efficient and cost-effective thermal protection

JIOS Aerogel create groundbreaking innovation by making the application of aerogel’s unique properties possible at scale, solving global challenges in thermal protection, energy conservation, and energy storage.

JIOS is known for creating unique technology that transforms the safety of Lithium-ion batteries by offering efficient, effective, and affordable mitigation of thermal runaway and unrivaled intumescent fireproofing. JIOS delivers cost savings to its customers through its unique manufacturing processes that substantially reduce the cost and time of manufacturing silica aerogel powder.

JIOS harnesses the unique properties of aerogels to make them viable and scalable for their partners: manufacturers of thermal protection, energy conservation, and energy storage systems.

Their solutions target some of the world’s toughest challenges, from cryogenic industrial insulation to extreme-temperature sportswear and the protection of batteries in electric vehicles. Their breakthrough innovations are based on their proven experience in developing these solutions.

About JIOS Aerogel

JIOS Aerogel is the world’s leading manufacturer of silica aerogel powder. JIOS has dramatically lowered the cost of aerogel production through a patent-protected manufacturing process, making this advanced, multi-functional material available for various industries and applications.

JIOS has already established a Joint-Venture with Armacell to produce Armagel aerogel blankets to provide insulation in the industrial, oil, and gas sectors.

The company also provides aerogel powder to supercharge gypsum boards, achieves an A60 rating for insulation coating used on ships, improves thermal and fire performance of EV battery cells, and even makes synthetic down insulation perform just like natural down.

More information can be found on the JIOS Aerogel website: