JinkoSolar Launches SunGiga Liquid-cooling ESS for C&I in PV Japan

SHANGHAI, March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following the successful launch of SunTank residential ESS in Japan last year, today JinkoSolar brings its new liquid cooling energy storage system for C&I application and showcases it in this year’s PV Japan 2023.

The liquid cooling system for more even heat dissipation and highly intelligent auto control system results in temperature difference between individual batteries within 2 degrees Celsius, thereby extending the lifetime of batteries which can increase capacity by 10%, and while significantly improving the charging and discharging efficiency which can increase RTE by 2%. Compared with the conventional air-cooling design as well as other liquid cooling solution which comes with a battery temperature difference within 3 degrees Celsius. JinkoSolar’s new SunGiga has intelligent frequency conversion control design and multiple liquid cooling control modes make lower consumption down by 30%, and also compare with standard air cooling system, SunGiga has higher space utilization rate increased by 38%.The modular and pre-assembled design makes installation and maintenance as well as future capacity augmentation extremely easy and fast. Compatible with 1000V and 1500V DC system.

Safety is the top principle of SunGiga’s design and engineering. In addition to the enhanced liquid cooling system, it offers comprehensive multiple layers of safety protection from the cell, electrical, and system levels. Intelligent cell monitoring technology performs high-precision online computing of cell status and provides early-stage warnings to prevent thermal runaway. The automatic state of charge (SoC) calibration improve system reliability and reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) costs.

JKE344K2HDLA C&I ESS cabinet has a maximum capacity of 344kWh, with a liquid cooling unit, and 8 battery modules. It is designed for the mainstream C&I market– a portfolio with a battery capacity ranging from 500kWh to 2MWh and is available in two and four-hour applications. The system combines lithium-ion batteries, switchgear, a fire protection system, and PCS. According to customer requirements, the total energy capacity of each battery cabinet can be tailored to achieve the best economics for a specific project.

JinkoSolar has become one of a few companies offering both highly efficient n-type TOPCon PV panels and ESS solutions. The Company’s solar-plus-storage comprehensive solution optimized for C&I markets will ensure lower power pricing and energy security.