JimuMeta Successfully Launches Flagship Whale 3D Scanner on Makuake, Japan’s Biggest Crowdfunding Platform

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 3DMakerpro, an international 3D scanning subsidiary of renowned 3D services provider, JimuMeta, launched its flagship Whale 3D Scanner on Japan’s most popular crowdfunding platform, Makuake, on January 5, 2023. The company’s funding goal was achieved within three minutes with sales reaching tens of millions of yen within the first two hours, marking a massively successful entry into the Japanese market. 3DMakerpro’s remarkable entry into the Japanese market builds on the company’s already solid reputation internationally, with a strong foundation for global success in place moving forward.

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters who have shown a massive interest in the project even before it started, as well as those who have anticipated our launch. To show our true appreciation for the support of our backers, we set an 88% discount which shows our dedication to our Japan market entry. In the future, we hope to bring our high-end technology to all Japanese 3D enthusiasts.” said CEO of 3DMakerpro, Ding Yong.

Studio-compatible with industry-leading software, 3DMakerpro’s flagship 3DMakerpro Whale makes scanning more efficient, easier, and with amazing quality. With its unique dual-lens scanning technology, the range of objects that can be scanned in superb detail by the Whale 3D scanner has expanded exponentially. Earphones as small as 15mm to structures as large as 2000mm can be efficiently and accurately scanned in as little as five minutes. The near-infrared and invisible light source, safe for human eyes and skin, can scan family members and pets, making it possible to convert a regular home into a fully equipped 3D photo studio.

The 3DMakerpro Whale is perfect for 3D scanning and printing hobbyists and its clear 3D imaging display is essential for e-commerce sellers. Ideal for modifying and designing, it can swiftly scan industrial spare parts with complicated forms and surfaces and generate models with a high scanning resolution of 0.02mm, creating enormous potential for applications in multiple industries. The Whale’s exceptional scanning fluency enables rapid reconstruction and clinical measurement computation, making it ideal for projects such as the 3D reconstruction of lower limbs.

One of the Whale’s most sophisticated characteristics is its incredible capability to gather comprehensive face and body data in seconds, making it highly beneficial in the healthcare field. The Whale can also be used for 3D crime scene reconstruction as the scanner accurately reproduces the color and form of items such as furniture, walls, victims, evidence markers, among many others.

About JimuMeta

Founded in 2015, JimuMeta is a leading 3D technology company, specializes in 3D modeling services and virtual space/exhibition services, along with its subsidiary brand 3DMakerpro, which focus on innovative 3D scanning devices.

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