Jean-Matthieu Schertzer Named Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer of Untie Nots, Part of the Eagle Eye Group, to Usher in New Era of Retail Personalisation and Customer Centricity

The Eagle Eye Group’s First Chief AI Officer Will Help Retailers Improve Customer Connections and Execute Full-Scale, Multidimensional Personalisation at Scale

LONDON, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Untie Nots, part of the Eagle Eye Group and the leading SaaS business that develops highly personalised, profitable and gamified promotions at scale, has named Jean-Matthieu Schertzer as the company’s Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer.

The first Chief AI Officer to be appointed within the Eagle Eye Group signals the company’s commitment to integrating AI into its solutions and reflects the rapid adoption of AI across the retail sector. With Schertzer at the helm, Eagle Eye and Untie Nots will enable retailers and brands to create hyper-personalised omnichannel experiences and direct, one-to-one connections with their customers.

Schertzer, an alumnus of the Ecole Polytechnique, one of France’s and Europe’s most prestigious scientific schools, brings a rich background in applied mathematics. His varied professional journey has seen him take on multiple roles, including those of a research engineer, an R&D data scientist, and a data science consultant, each contributing to his extensive experience in the field. He now brings his deep expertise to spearhead the next generation of AI-powered customer marketing solutions that will allow retailers and brands to predict shopping behaviors and develop personalised promotions at a scale not seen before.

“Our decision to appoint a Chief AI Officer comes against a backdrop of retailers struggling to provide the personalised customer experiences that today’s consumers demand,” said Eagle Eye Group CEO Tim Mason. “We are using AI to augment the Eagle Eye nervous system, which enables the real-time matching and delivery of offers and communications to individual customers, with a ‘brain’ that can create personalised offers dynamically, on the fly. Even if you have 10 million customers, no two will receive the same offer or be engaged in the same way. Jean-Mattieu will help us bring this vision to life.”

McKinsey’s latest research underscores the transformative potential of predictive and generative AI, forecasting that both could contribute $22.1 trillion to the global economy. In parallel, the retail AI market is poised for explosive growth, with projections indicating an annual increase exceeding 30% from 2023 to 2032, highlighting the significant opportunity for businesses to harness AI for strategic advantage.

In response to these dynamic shifts, Eagle Eye and Untie Nots have intensified their focus on advanced AI solutions. Under the leadership of Schertzer, whose extensive expertise in the field is well-recognised, the Eagle Eye Group is strategically positioned to empower companies to maximise the potential of their customer data and execute personalised promotions and marketing at a scale previously unimaginable.

As Chief AI Officer, Schertzer will lead Untie Nots’ overall AI strategy alongside the Eagle Eye Group’s leadership team and support the design, development, and implementation of AI technologies for retailers and brands worldwide.

“We stand on the cusp of a generational opportunity with AI and its applications in retail, among other sectors,” said Chief AI Officer Jean-Matthieu Schertzer. “I firmly believe that the brands that can implement AI-powered personalisation will come to dominate the future. Still, they need partners like Untie Nots and Eagle Eye that are committed to innovation and have the infrastructure and industry-specific background to execute it.”

Although AI adoption rates are high, there’s a vast blue-water area for retailers. Currently, 63% of retail organisations use AI to enhance customer interactions, but only 54% of retail marketers use AI for channel-specific personalisation.

“AI is already used within retail, but its true potential has yet to be harnessed,” said Zyed Jamoussi, Co-Founder and President of Untie Nots. “We see a future where predictive AI not only identifies opportunities and anticipates customer behaviours but also provides real-time insight, enabling brands to give customers the recommendations and promotions they need when they need them. Jean-Matthieu is helping our company – and our industry – realise that future.”

Mason added, “We are working to place Eagle Eye as the go-to SaaS platform for retail brands worldwide looking to take their personalisation capabilities and loyalty scheme ROIs to the next level in the months and years to come.”

For more information about Eagle Eye or to schedule an interview with CEO Tim Mason or Chief AI Officer Jean-Matthieu Schertzer, please contact Vanessa Horwell at [email protected]. 

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