JDDJ Teams Up with 150,000 Stores to Boost Sales of Agricultural Specialties

SHANGHAI, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JD’s first Shopping Festival of Agricultural Specialties kicked off on September 7. As part of the festival, Dada Group’s (Nasdaq: DADA) JDDJ and Shop Now are providing on-demand retail and delivery services, together with more than 150,000 stores in 1,700 cities and counties. From September 7th to 25th, consumption vouchers worth billions of yuan RMB for agricultural specialties will be doled out to consumers.

In addition to vouchers, JDDJ and Shop Now created a series of marketing campaigns including the “Fruit Festival” and “Fresh Food Week,” introducing more high-quality agricultural specialties to consumers and increasing the sales for physical stores.

During the festival, consumers will receive more discounts on various farm products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, cereals and oils, tea and honey.

Dada Now riders will distribute leaflets when delivering the orders, in order to attract more consumers to join the Shopping Festival. Through innovative omni-channel marketing approaches, JDDJ and Shop Now are leveraging their capabilities to assist both farmers and traditional stores in achieving income growth.