JDDJ and Shop Now saw spending surge during Chinese National Day Holiday

SHANGHAI, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As seen during China’s recent National Day Holiday, more consumers are embracing on-demand retail to place orders online both while staying at home, and while traveling. This year, the Double Ninth Festival (September 9 on the lunar calendar, celebrated as Seniors’ Day in China) coincided with the National Day Holiday, driving sales growth in liquors and egg gift boxes, among other items.

Data from Dada Group’s (Nasdaq: DADA) JDDJ and Shop Now shows that from Oct. 1 to 7, the sales of travel equipment and household necessities both surged. In terms of travel equipment, the sales of outdoor shoes and clothing, sports shoes and sleeping bags increased by more than 10 times y-o-y; in terms of home life, the sales of entertainment products such as microphones, audio and video equipment also increased by more than 10 times y-o-y.

Spending on travel: sales of outdoor shoes, sleeping bags and cameras up by over 10 times

During the October Golden Week, the sales of camping and outdoor equipment increased significantly. For example, the sales of fishing chairs, sleeping bags and hammocks increased by 10 times compared with last year. Additionally, the sales of mobile power supplies and tripods tripled.

When traveling, many people also take their pets. On JDDJ and Shop Now, the sales of pet-related apparel and pet health items increased by 10 times and 5 times y-o-y respectively.

People staying at home spent more on cooking and home entertainment

Data also shows a boom in the sales of pre-cooked food and entertainment equipment, as many people chose to stay at home during the Holiday. The sales of VR glasses increased by 10 times, while the sales of small refrigerators increased by 6 times. Meanwhile, the sales of projectors, and chess and cards respectively increased by 4 times and 3 times y-o-y.

Consumers either cook by themselves or order cooked food directly. The sales of air fryers and fried chicken increased by more than 10 times and 3 times respectively.

Gift buying drove growth in sales of liquors

According to JDDJ and Shop Now, liquors and seafood boxes are among the best-selling gifts for the Double Ninth Festival. The sales of liquors and smart health monitoring products on JDDJ and Shop Now both increased by more than 10 times, y-o-y.