JD Shop Now Sales Increased 90% During Chinese Spring Festival

SHANGHAI, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On January 28, JD Shop Now released the “2023 Report of on-demand Consumption in Spring Festival.” During the Chinese Spring Festival, JD Shop Now sales have increased by 90% compared to the Spring Festival last year. The search volume for Spring Festival decorations such as couplets, lucky characters, and red paper cuttings has rapidly increased, more than 3.5 times that of the same festive period last year.

Data from JD Shop Now shows that gift boxes, fruits, alcoholic beverages, and mobile phones are the most popular during the Spring Festival. On New Year Eve, the consumer’s order amount increased by 171% year-on-year.

Gift box sales remain popular throughout the entire Spring Festival period, with overall year-over-year growth of over 50%. Among them, sales of baijiu (Chinese liquor) gift boxes and fruit and nut gift boxes have grown more than 10 times, while sales of fruit gift boxes, baked goods gift boxes, and dried seafood gift boxes have grown more than three times.

As many areas have started to experience snow and lower temperatures, warm clothing items have also become popular, with sales of wool caps, gloves, electric blankets, and heaters increasing more than 2.5 times year-over-year.

Data from JD Shop Now shows that during the Chinese New Year period, sales of mobile phones increased by more than 70% compared to the previous year, cosmetics and perfume sales increased by more than 120%, sales of home appliances increased by 226%.

Sales of smart health monitoring products on JD Shop Now increased by more than 10 times, and sales of massagers, electric health pots, and air purifiers increased by more than 2 times. The data shows that the sales of kitchen appliances such as floor-cleaning robots, cooking machines, and air fryers experienced explosive growth, and increased by more than 8 times compared to the previous year.

In order to bring pets home for the New Year, “pet owners” ordered travel equipment for cats and dogs on JD Shop Now, with sales increasing by 176% year-over-year, and sales of cat and dog toys, pet beauty tools, and pet medical supplies all increased by more than 110% year-over-year.

About cooperation between Dada Group and JD.com

In October 2021, Dada Group and JD.com jointly launched the Shop Now service, and “Nearby”, a new tab on the homepage of JD.com’s app, which were designed to connect customers to nearby offline stores. The new business was overall undertaken by Dada Group. Shop Now service enhances on-demand location-based retail capabilities of both Dada and JD to provide one-hour  retail and delivery services for consumers and partners. By clicking into the new Nearby tab, JD’s roughly 588 million users will have the opportunity to discover offline stores within a 3-5 kilometer radius of their shipping address with a wide array of product offerings.