JD.com Unveils Canada National Pavilion, an Online Showcase of Premium Canadian Imports to Chinese Consumers

The Pavilion of Canada on JD Worldwide is supported by the Canadian Embassy to China, featuring the country’s distinctive culture and premium imported products To date, nearly 50 countries have opened national pavilion online stores on JD.com Cross-border ecommerce with JD’s supply chain solutions presents vast opportunities for brands across the globe to explore the Chinese market

BEIJING, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On March 25, JD Worldwide, the cross-border e-commerce arm of JD.com, introduced the “Pavilion of Canada“, an online flagship store on its platform supported by the Embassy of Canada in Beijing. The Pavilion presents a selection of premium Canadian imports to Chinese consumers, all with the convenience of JD’s unparalleled delivery and customer services.

This Pavilion features a lineup of renowned brands, such as INNISKILLIN, Natural Factors, Nova Sea Atlantic, PURNATUR, SunRype, and Zoie&Zane, offering a curated collection of signature products including ice wine, maple syrup, honey, snacks, nutrition, and beauty and wellness products.

“With this new Pavilion for cross-border e-commerce, I hope that we can bring more and more Canadian brands to China, and share more of what Canada has to offer,” said Jean-Christian Brillant, Minister (Commercial) , Embassy of Canada to China.

“We are delighted to join hands with exceptional Canadian brands and introduce their top products to Chinese consumers as their consumption demand continues to evolve. The Pavilion will serve as an accelerator for emerging brands, providing them with a platform to establish visibility and earn the trust of local consumers,” said Luke Liu, General Manager of business development department, JD Worldwide. 

JD.com pioneered the “National Pavilion” concept in 2014, envisioning a world-expo-inspired online shopping platform that grants Chinese consumers access to authentic and premium products from around the globe, sorted by country and region. To date, the program has successfully attracted 46 countries to open flagship stores on JD.com, backed by endorsements from their respective embassies or trade associations. This unique model offers customers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, enabling them to discover each country’s local specialties and distinctive cultures through a diverse range of products, from electronics and fashion to beauty, food, pet goods, and more.

The Canada Pavilion will operate through cross-border e-commerce, allowing merchants to enter the Chinese market without a local presence and enjoy tax benefits and streamlined customs procedures.

JD’s integrated cross-border supply chain enables brands to minimize product hand-changes in the sales process, and utilize JD’s nationwide logistics infrastructure, including cold chain delivery, to ensure that imported products reach consumers’ doorsteps fresh and at competitive prices. For example, live lobsters harvested from Halifax, Nova Scotia can be delivered to Chinese shoppers within just 17 hours via JD’s cross-border e-commerce platform.

According to China’s 2022 Customs’ data, the country’s import and export cross-border e-commerce activity surged nearly tenfold over the past five years, with imports increasing by 4.9 percent YoY to RMB 560 million yuan. This growth highlighted cross-border e-commerce’s pivotal role in trade development, and in meeting the increasingly diverse demands of Chinese consumers.

JD’s sales data reveals that consumers living in first and second-tier cities remain the primary purchasers of imported products, while a growing appetite in lower-tier markets is emerging, fueled by the convenience offered by China’s sophisticated e-commerce logistics and increasing supply chain efficiency. These factors create a wealth of growth opportunities for brands across the globe to explore and capitalize on.