JBD launches “Hummingbird” polychrome MicroLED projector, an industry supremacy for consumer AR market, equipped with SID “2023 Display of the Year” award winning 0.13″ MicroLED panels, in mass production NOW

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JBD (Jade Bird Display) unveiled its “Hummingbird” polychrome MicroLED projector at SID which is already in mass production since May 2023. This revolutionary product incorporates JBD’s cutting-edge MicroLED display panels which just won the SID “2023 Display of the Year” award. The Hummingbird features lightweight, ultra-compact form factor, ultra-high brightness, vivid and saturated colours and best-in-class energy efficiency. These advantages make Hummingbird projectors the best-available full-color solution which would significantly improve user experience in smart glasses and consumer AR applications.


The JBD Hummingbird stands out as the world’s smallest and lightest projector, boasting a volume of 0.4cc and weighing just 1.0 gram. This ultra-compact size allows for seamless integration into the temples of smart glasses and other AR applications, significantly reducing weight and volume.

With a luminous flux output ranging 3-5 lumens, the JBD Hummingbird offers a standard viewing angle of 30°, which can be customized within the range of 25° to 45°. Coupled with a decent optical waveguide, it achieves an impressive brightness of 1800 nits, ensuring clear visibility of screen contents even in bright outdoor environments. When it comes to battery life, the JBD Hummingbird benefits from the high luminous efficacy of JBD’s MicroLED technology. Under typical operating conditions, the projector’s power consumption can be as low as 260 mW, significantly lower than other microdisplay technologies currently available in the market like LCOS or DLP. This remarkable power efficiency effectively extends the battery life of AR glasses, catering to all-day usage in varying ambient lighting conditions.

JBD’s Hummingbird polychrome MicroLED projector – Technical Specifications





Product name


Projector type

Non-polarized color

Xcube with RGB panels






640 x 480

L x W



Brightness uniformity


Contrast(full on/off)




62.5 lp/mm

Exit pupil



Position of exit pupil



in front of lens

Projetcor white point

0.313±0.02, 0.329±0.02


Typical luminous flux



Power consumption



Normal operation condition




Displacement volume


12 x 6.05 x 7.2


L x W x H




The Hummingbird offers an 8-bit color depth, resulting in a display with a palette of 16.77 million colors. The integration of new Gamma and Demura algorithms enhances color precision significantly. The full true color display exhibits high brightness, sharp contrast, and vibrant colors, providing a visually captivating experience to AR glasses users.

JBD Hummingbird (0.4cc) polychrome MicroLED projector

The JBD Hummingbird features the award-winning “2023 Display of the Year” Microdisplay: the 0.13-inch AmµLED™ MicroLED display. This product has garnered recognition and wide adoption for its exceptional innovation in display technology and notable contributions to the AR/VR field. JBD stands as the sole manufacturer specializing in MicroLED display technology to have received this esteemed award. The monochrome display panels offer an impressive pixel density of 6350 PPI and a VGA resolution. Despite its small form factor, this Microdisplay achieves ultra-high brightness levels of 0.75 million nits for red, 5 million nits for green, and 1.0 million nits for blue light.

JBD’s SID “2023 Display of the Year” award winning 0.13-inch MicroLED display

In addition to the Hummingbird, JBD is also showcasing a binocular MicroLED polychrome optical module reference design at SID. This demonstration features a design that resembles regular glasses, allowing users to experience vivid static and video content in truly saturated colors. The introduction of JBD’s binocular color module is set to drive rapid and significant advancements in the AR industry. It will significantly reduce the development time for manufacturers of binocular color AR glasses, enhance development efficiency, reduce costs, and facilitate quick application in the consumer market.