Japan Patent Office Publishes Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI), Helping Enterprises and Others Objectively Explain Their GX Efforts

TOKYO, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI), released by the Japan Patent Office (JPO), helps enterprises and others objectively explain their green transformation (GX) efforts. GXTI shows a way to categorize GX technologies and how to search for patent documents pertinent to the respective category of GX technology. In line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), companies are required to objectively demonstrate how the value they create (products and services) can contribute to solving climate change issues. GXTI can be used for such disclosure of information.

What is GXTI?
GX now underway is shifting the economic, social and industrial structures that have depended on fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution to structures driven by clean energy. GXTI shows how various GX technologies can be categorized, and how patent documents related to each category of GX technology can be searched. It provides a bird’s-eye view of GX technologies through five large technology categories (Level 1) and four transversal perspectives to enable formation of common understanding of GX technology.

Image of GXTI:

Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI):

The technologies inventory was developed after two rounds of discussions by a panel comprising six external experts with in-depth knowledge of GX technology and released as GXTI in June 2022.

Anyone Can Search Patent Documents Same Way, Disclose Information Objectively GXTI has a hierarchical structure with the large category of Level 1, the medium category of Level 2, which divides the large category, and the small category of Level 3, which further divides the medium category. A patent search formula is provided for each small category of technology. The patent search formulae were created using the extensive knowledge of JPO patent examiners in each field.

Hierarchical Structure of GXTI:

GXTI is characterized by its published patent search formulae, which allow anyone to conduct a search under the same conditions, and by its formulae based on the International Patent Classification (IPC), which allows searches of patent documents from all over the world. With GXTI, anyone can analyze the patent information available worldwide and determine one’s technical position and potential for GX technology. This would help to objectively demonstrate how the value created (products and services) by companies can contribute to climate change issues.

Further Plans by JPO

The JPO administers the industrial property rights system, which is the collective name for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. This system is designed to protect intellectual creations, including inventions, designs and trademarks, to ensure their effective use as well as to contribute toward industrial development.