Jackery Named One of America’s Best Home and Garden Brands for Second Consecutive Year

Award recognizes Jackery’s solar power generator offerings

FREMONT, Calif., March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jackery proudly announces that the brand has once again been awarded one of America’s Best Home and Garden Brands by Newsweek and Statista. This is the second year in a row that Jackery has won the award, thanks to the brand’s home function products that provide clean, efficient backup power. The brand was named along with other well-known brands based on an in-depth analysis of online reviews and ratings. The award is a boost to the company after an already honor-filled year, following recognition at CES 2023 and in multiple media “Best of CES 2023” lists.

America’s Best Home and Garden Brands is an award handed out annually by Newsweek, partnered with Statista. The ranking is created using both online ratings and reviews about a variety of home and garden products. Developed with an eye for versatility in use, the solar generators under review by the jury enhance user comfort with a nearly noiseless operation, allowing for restful, quiet nights. Their reliance on solar panels eliminates harsh odors and harmful fumes that gas-fueled generators emit, so that users can experience a safe energy option, either indoors or outdoors.

Jackery is proud of being the originator of the solar generator. The brand’s solar generators are perfect for home back-up or outdoor use and provide plenty of energy that is easy to implement quickly and efficiently. Powered by environmental-friendly solar panels, Jackery generators are capable of supporting a variety of home appliances, from simple desk lamps to larger, more energy-consuming electronics such as refrigerators and stoves. With fast solar charging options and numerous power output options, users of Jackery’s solar generators are capable of handling grid power loss for several hours or keeping their camping units well-lit throughout the evening. They provide portable, fast-charging power on the long-haul road and fishing trips, and outdoor enthusiasts can power up their e-bikes and mini coolers for a weekend outside. Quiet and emitting zero carbon into the atmosphere, the solar generators don’t distract users from the moment, a fact that has earned Jackery inclusion on several “Best Of” lists, including those of Digital Trends and Popular Mechanics.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to win this award once more. Being named one of America’s Best Home and Garden Brands is an honor that places Jackery amongst the elite of the consumer electronics and power generator industry. This recognition will further strengthen the company’s drive to provide reliable, durable, and most importantly, environmental-friendly products to customers for years to come,” said Lara Luo, the head of Jackery Brand Center.

For more details about Jackery solar generators, please visit: https://www.jackery.com/pages/solar-generator

About Jackery

Jackery, the world’s leading innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solution provider founded in California in 2012, is a global top-selling solar generator brand born with a mission to offer green energy to everyone, everywhere. Jackery launched the world’s first outdoor portable power stations in 2016 and developed the world’s first portable solar panels in 2018. Having introduced solar generators to the great outdoors, Jackery fulfills the power needs of every nature-lover, inspiring them to explore further and seek more extraordinary experiences. Expanding its footprint from the US to Europe, Japan, and China, Jackery has sold over 3 million units globally since 2018. Together, we are committed to making the world a better place.