JA Solar Supplies All Modules for Malaysia’s Largest Single-axis Tracking PV Project

BEIJING, Nov. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A 116MW photovoltaic (PV) project, with all modules supplied by JA Solar (“the company”), a globally leading manufacturer of high-performance PV products, recently opened operations in Marang, Malaysia.

Contracted by PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (“Huadong Engineering”), the project solely uses JA Solar’s DeepBlue 3.0 bifacial double-glass modules. It is the largest ever single-axis tracking PV project in Malaysia.

Located in the state of Terengganu on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, this project has a total installed capacity of 116MW and covers an area of approximately 600 hectares. It is expected to provide 220 million kWh of electricity per year and meet the needs of 200,000 households, reducing the burning of standard coal by 80,000 tons and decreasing carbon emissions by 200,000 tons per year.

DeepBlue 3.0, advanced PV modules manufactured by JA Solar, were launched by the company in May 2020. The products’ cumulative shipments worldwide from 2020 until June 2022 totaled 24 GW. In order to meet changing market demands, JA Solar continuously strives to improve the power generation performance of PV modules through strengthening its own technical research and innovation. In May 2022, JA Solar launched its first product in the n-type PV module market, DeepBlue 4.0 X. Carrying not only the performance advantages of DeepBlue 3.0, DeepBlue 4.0 X exhibits higher efficiency, higher power, stronger power generation capability and excellent reliability. Both the DeepBlue 3.0 and DeepBlue 4.0 X truly exemplify JA Solar’s product design philosophy of being “tailored to enhance customer value”.

JA Solar has previously supplied high-efficiency modules for multiple important projects in  Malaysia, including the first floating PV power plant, the first bifacial-plus-trackers project, etc., winning many plaudits in the country. In 2021, JA Solar’s market share in Malaysia reached more than 50%, contributing significantly to the local PV market. In the future, JA Solar will continue to service high-efficiency PV products for the Malaysian market, helping the local region to realize sustainable development.

As one of the largest contractors in the field of renewable energy, Huadong Engineering has seen its total contracted PV project capacity at home and abroad exceed 3 million kW in recent years, covering more than 10 countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia. In the past few years, JA Solar has established a cooperative partnership with Huadong Engineering, in which the scale of the overseas PV projects between the two is more than 2GW. As mutual partners committed to the Belt and Road Initiative, the two parties will continue to jointly promote deliver green development to the world and strive for the early realization of carbon neutrality.