JA Solar Signs a Solar Module Agreement with General Solar

BEIJING, July 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 16th, JA Solar, a leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products, signed a solar module agreement with General Solar, a Turkish solar company. The agreement was signed at a ceremony attended by General Solar’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ali Demirdaş, Vice Chairman, Ercan Dinçer, and JA Solar’s Assistant President, Steven Chen.

JA Solar Signed a Solar Module Agreement with General Solar

The agreement will see both companies work together to strengthen cooperation in PV market development, resource sharing, innovation acceleration and other areas. The aim is to improve development, construction, and operations in the PV industry, and jointly promote the high-quality and sustainable development of Turkey’s PV market.

The partnership between JA Solar and General Solar represents an important step towards achieving a sustainable, low-carbon future. By leveraging their respective strengths in PV development and application, the two companies will drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions in Turkey and beyond.

JA Solar’s high-efficiency products and high-quality services have already contributed to the sustainable development of Turkey’s PV market, with the company currently holding a market share of 17%. Based on its previous business performance, JA Solar is expected to see continued growth in Turkey in the future.