iWALK: The Inventor and The Global Leader of Docking Battery

NEW YORK, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s society where everyone has electronic devices, portable chargers have become an essential item in more and more people’s daily lives. In particular, the emergence of docking  battery has further met people’s charging needs while on the go.

iWALK – The Inventor and the Global Leader of Docking Battery

Many people are unaware that iWALK, a research and manufacturing brand established in 2003, which supplies a comprehensive range of advanced smart device accessories, is the inventor and the global leader of docking battery. They invented the world’s first docking style portable charger called “LinkMe,” and since then, they have continuously upgraded and innovated, launching more distinctive products of docking portable charger.

iWALK – The Global Leader of Docking Battery

Eventually, all of iWALK’s docking battery products were named the LinkPod series. Currently, the product line of the LinkPod series is still expanding, and in the future, there will be more LinkPod series products catering to the market.

LinkPod Series – Unique, Portable, Essential

“Unique, Portable, Essential” is the product philosophy of the LinkPod series. Its compact and portable design, combined with its exquisite appearance, has made it one of the most popular power banks in the market. Multiple products within the LinkPod series have achieved the top rank in Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and have been recognized as “The Best iPhone Accessories” multiple times by various globally recognized media websites such as CNET, CNN, TechRadar, and Macworld, among others.

As expressed by its slogan “Take and Charge,” the LinkPod series has always been committed to improving and simplifying people’s charging methods. All the products within the LinkPod series have an extremely small size that small enough to fit in the pocket and to be carry around, yet have a proper capacity that can charge the phone at least one full time. In addition, the products have built-in plug that save people from the hassle of carrying any cables to charge the phone.

The MAG-X Series and The Universal Series

In addition to portable chargers, iWALK also offers a variety of other practical and aesthetic product series, such as the MAG-X Series and the Universal Series, among others. The MAG-X series aims to bring a more creative and portable wireless MagSafe charging experience, while the Universal series includes a range of power banks with built-in cables, designed for smaller body size, faster charging speed, and better quality.

The Leading Premium Brands in the Smart Device Accessories Industry

As of 2023, iWALK products have been successfully sold in over 50 countries. The company has set its headquarter, manufacturing factories, design office, and research center in multiple countries worldwide, such as the United States, South Korea, and others, with the aim of utilizing more advanced technology to create better products.

iWALK has received prestigious recognition, including the GLOBAL IBRANDS TOP 20 AWARD for two consecutive years, the Best Battery Pack of Show at CTIA, Electronics Design Awards at the Global Sources show, MUSE Design Awards, and many other accolades.

iWALK aims to simplify human life with a comprehensive range of self-developed and manufactured products, and strives to become one of the leading premium brands in the smart device accessories industry. Users can explore or purchase iWALK’s products through the following channels:

Official Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/iwalk.

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Official Website: en.iwalk.net 

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