iQOO Updates Global Flagship Series with iQOO 9T Release

SHENZHEN, CHINA, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iQOO, an independent sub-brand of vivo, today announced the global rollout of its flagship smart phone update with the new iQOO 9T. Building on the high-performance iQOO 9 flagship series and equipped with the industry-leading Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform and V1+ Chip, iQOO 9T continues to explore best-in-class technology, and deliver top-notch performance, the ultimate gaming and video capture experience to young, tech-savvy consumers on the go. iQOO, Premium Partner of BMW M Motorsport, launches the design of the new flagship model iQOO 9T, which inherits the racetrack spirit, and is in celebration of the Aesthetics of Speed and Order.


“The iQOO brand is focused on delivering technology that enables users to ‘quest on and on.’ Our goal is to bring the joy of exploration to tech-savvy, digital natives and the next generation of challengers that will break through boundaries to discover and capture the unknown,” said Allan Feng, Global SVP at iQOO, “With the next generation iQOO 9T, we continue our pursuit of cutting-edge performance, industry-leading innovation and design.”

Superior Performance

The new iQOO 9T enables powerful performance through groundbreaking technology innovations, including Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform and top specifications, fast charging, advanced cooling technology and more.

As one of the first phones for the India market with the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, the iQOO 9T runs an astonishing rating score of 1115589[1] in the iQOO laboratory test. The Kryo CPU of the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform adopts a three-cluster architecture with a surprisingly super-large core Cortex-X2 running at a clock speed of up to 3.2GHz, which prolongs premium on-device experiences from gaming and streaming to photography and web browsing. Chip function stability has also seen an improvement with advanced 4nm process technology. With software tuning and algorithm optimization, the combination of the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, enhanced LPDDR5 and enhanced UFS3.1 enable further reduced power consumption, especially in low-load scenarios, and enhanced performance. iQOO 9T can be charged to 100% within 20 minutes[2] with its 120W FlashCharge technology, pairing the iQOO 7’s industry-first 6C battery cell with an array electrode structure and dual half-voltage charging chips. iQOO 9T boasts an industry-leading vapor chamber liquid cooling system with the size of vapor chamber reaching 3,930mm2. The brand-new cooling system ensures more efficient heat conduction, and more intelligent temperature control via optimized bezel temperature rise design and the use of high-power graphite. The expansive 6.78-inch E5 AMOLED Display brings users a visual feast, offering color accuracy with realistic and natural transitions between bright and dark while remaining efficient with a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

Powerful Gaming Performance

iQOO 9T is designed from the ground up for the ultimate immersive gaming experience, ensuring unparalleled high-frame-rate display, superior in-game control, and enhanced sound.

Supported by the V1+ Chip, the main chip can perform noise reduction and frame interpolation while reducing GPU workload. Game frame interpolation pushes iQOO 9T beyond the traditional maximum frame rate, enabling 90-frame smooth display across games such as Genshin Impact, PUBG New State, and BGMI. The Full-Sensory Game Control System includes the In-Display Dual Monster Touch, Dual X-Axis Linear Motor and Dual Stereo Speaker. The In-Display Dual Monster Touch responds to pressure on the left and right parts respectively, while dual mapping can respond to both adding and releasing finger pressure. This enables faster, more convenient control options for gamers, as they are now able to play with four fingers. Dual X-axis linear motors are present on the left and right sides of the device to achieve dynamic 4D vibration. This vibration can simulate actions across many gaming or entertainment scenarios to make the experience even more realistic. The vertically placed dual speakers bring a stronger, more balanced stereo effect. The system helps gamers identify location with stereo sound effects, and provides the auditory effect of fuller bass, high fidelity, a high volume and a wide sound field. The system intelligently adapts to specific scenes to allow for customized adjustments for entertainment and gaming. The audio quality algorithm of iQOO 9T has been upgraded with technologies such as sound field expansion, optimizing the external sound quality.

Discovery in Photography

The flagship update also features an ultra-sensing photography system that comprises a 50MP GN5 ultra-sensing main camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, and an IMX663 professional portrait camera. The main camera features an ISOCELL GN5 sensor that embraces a resolution of 50MP and a size of 1/1.57 inch. The pixel size is 1.0μm and reaches 2.0μm after adopting the 4-in-1 process of pixels. This new-gen sensor with high light sensitivity and high focus speed allows the camera to accurately and quickly capture a moving subject or a subject in a dark environment and achieve higher color fidelity even for small-sized pixels. The V1+ Chip improves image processing efficiency and power consumption exponentially. With the help of the V1+ Chip, the main chip can perform noise reduction and frame interpolation for night scenes that demand high computing power. Real-time Extreme Night Vision can deliver photo preview effects comparable to human eyes at night. And Super Night Video is realized by the combination of the Super Night Video denoising algorithm powered by the V1+ Chip and V1+ Chip’s high-speed memory management system, which can run in a high speed with low power consumption. The newly added 12MP IMX663 professional portrait camera supports 2x optical zoom and leads in scene performance. Additional imaging features include Pure Night View, XDR Photo, Effects Master and Vlog Movie.

Exterior Design

Designed with Aesthetics of Speed and Order in mind, iQOO 9T will be available in two color options: the Alpha edition (black) and Legend edition (white with triple-color stripe design).

Operating System & Security

iQOO 9T provides enhanced security and privacy options including the newly added ability to hide images and videos to protect users’ privacy. iQOO 9T is equipped with infrared remote control, which can act as an alternative to a remote control for more than 1,600 home appliance brands.

Pricing and Availability

iQOO 9T will be available in India beginning on August 2, 2022. Price starts at ₹49,999 and please visit for online purchase.

About iQOO

iQOO, an independent sub-brand of the vivo group, aims to bring cutting-edge industry technology to users more quickly and easily for enhanced experiences with high-performance devices. The iQOO brand deeply understands the performance needs of users and the collective desire for technological innovation by a new generation. Backed by vivo’s strong capabilities and user-oriented innovation, iQOO has multiple product lines operating independently. Currently, iQOO has three smartphone series: iQOO Flagship, iQOO Neo and iQOO Z. For more information, please visit

[1] Data from iQOO laboratory. By AnTuTu Benchmark.
[2] Charging data is based on iQOO laboratory environmental tests. Test environment: ambient temperature and phone temperature of 25℃±1℃. Test conditions: 1% of battery capacity, all features and services turned off except for voice calls, screen off and an official standard charger and data cable used. Actual charging speed is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.