IPRO Reveals Latest ePTFE Waterproof Solution for Action Cameras

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On World Photography Day 2022, IPRO Membrane launched an ePTFE membrane primarily used to protect action cameras from water ingress. This innovative solution allows action cameras to fully operate 10 meters underwater for over 2 hours. The ePTFE membrane provides exceptional air permeability without accumulating working heat, which typically causes internal and external pressure differentiation resulting in mechanical damage or loss of service life.

“We take control of the entire process; from material selection to R&D and experimentation, and all the way to final mass production. For sports cameras, the biggest difficulty of waterproofing is ensuring the membrane’s pores are evenly distributed in an effective range of area. This guarantees that under complex environments, it can provide a relatively stable permeation volume. The ePTFE membrane balances condensation and avoids damaging internal components,” Global Product Director of IPRO, James Lee, mentioned.

Sports cameras are often exposed to extreme weather conditions including high temperatures, wide ranges of pressure, extreme cold, and deep-water scenarios. This requires strict waterproofing and air permeability capacities for the camera’s internal elements and lenses. A high-level of technical standards are required to maintain batch stability during mass production. Given that the membrane material is soft and ductile, it is easily deformed and can result in an inconsistent thickness or scattered pores.

IPRO, a well-known global enterprise in the field of ePTFE membrane production, has dedicated itself to the research and development of sensitive and outdoor component protection. Currently, it has over 10 years of experience in serving a wide range of enterprises, such as various automotive manufacturers, acoustic design companies, virtual reality designers, and smart watch brands. IPRO’s capability for microporous membranes range from R&D to large-scale production. The ePTFE membranes provide all-around solutions for waterproofing, air permeability adjustment, oleophobic additions, and dustproofing. The air permeability of the membrane for sports cameras provided by IPRO range from 20ml/min/cm²/@7kPa to 25000ml/min/cm²/@7kPa.

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