IoT Case Studies Highlight Reliability and Durability of Robustel Routers and Modems Over 9 Years

Gothenburg Municipality, Västtrafik, and Kandilli Observatory honored for their long-term use of Robustel products

BEIJING, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Robustel is proud to announce the winners of its “Seeking the Longest-running Robustel Devices” campaign in June 2023. The initiative was designed to recognize and reward loyal customers who have utilized Robustel’s products for an extended period, demonstrating their durability and reliability. The winners are Gothenburg Municipality in Sweden, Västtrafik in Sweden, and Kandilli Observatory in Turkey.

Gothenburg Municipality, Västtrafik, and Kandilli Observatory (left to right) honored for their long-term use of Robustel products

Desmond Kuang, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Marketing at Robustel, commented on the campaign, “We are thrilled to honor these three outstanding customers who have placed their trust in our products for many years. Their success stories not only highlight the reliability and robustness of our solutions but also showcase the diverse range of industries we serve.”

The winning case studies showcase the long-lasting performance of Robustel’s routers and modems in various sectors: 

Gothenburg Municipality: Since 2015, the R3000 router has been integral to the city’s traffic control systems, monitoring tram switch movements, preventing ice build-up, and transmitting real-time data on traffic light status. This has enabled city authorities to optimize traffic signals and reduce congestion. Västtrafik: Robustel’s M1000 USB modem has been connecting all trams, buses, trains, and ferries to the Västtrafik APN since 2015, ensuring uninterrupted communication between vehicles and control centers for the public transportation company. Kandilli Observatory: The Turkish research institute has been using several thousands of units of the R3000 series products since 2014 for reliable earthquake detection. The monitoring system continued to operate smoothly even after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria earlier this year, providing crucial data for aftershock monitoring and rescue operations.

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Robustel is grateful for the trust these customers have placed in its products and is committed to continuous innovation to provide the best products and services. The company looks forward to serving its customers for many more years to come.

About Robustel:

Robustel is a cellular router & Gateway manufacturer specialising in 5G, 4G/LTE & LPWAN devices. Our products are used in smart cities, transportation, utilities, energy, Industrial IoT and many other applications to deliver robust and reliable connectivity.