IOMesh’s New Use Case Provides Persistent Storage for KubeVirt

BEIJING, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As a leading enterprise-grade Kubernetes-native distributed storage, IOMesh‘s new version 1.0 can now be used to enhance VMs and containers in KubeVirt with outstanding performance and high availability.

KubeVirt is a fully matured Virtual Machine Management solution for Kubernetes, which provides VM users another option to modernize IT infrastructure: in conjunction with Kubernetes persistent storage, users can conveniently run both VMs and containers on top of Kubernetes with no need to worry about the stability and performance of Kubernetes clusters.

To fully leverage KubeVirt’s potential in central management, it is essential to have underlying storage that can provide high performance for both containers and VMs. Therefore, block storage can be a better choice. Moreover, the storage solution should be KubeVirt-friendly, meaning that it can provide advanced features for VMs in KubeVirt.

Leveraging Kubernetes native operation and tools, IOMesh can be fully integrated into the Kubernetes ecosystem, providing production-ready storage services to containers and VMs in KubeVirt through converged deployment. Featuring high performance and enterprise-grade advanced functionalities, IOMesh can totally meet KubeVirt users’ storage demands.

This use case was tested by IOMesh and a video technological research client, who develops offline video rendering services, with core applications running on VMs (Windows + Linux) and containers in KubeVirt. These applications have high requirements for storage performance and availability:

Storage type: Cloud-native distributed storage. Advanced features: Multi-replica policy to ensure high availability. Performance requirements: High random read/write IOPS and sequential read/write bandwidth. Random read IOPS (single node): 100K+. Random write IOPS (single node): 40K+. Sequential read/write bandwidth (single node): 1GiB/s. Other features: Production-ready reliability and stability. Low overhead.

In the simulated production environment of this client, IOMesh demonstrated outstanding single-node random read/write IOPS, achieving 130K+ and 45K+ respectively, while the sequential read/write bandwidth exceeded 1.6GiB/s+. Additionally, IOMesh’s extensive advanced features contributed to the enhanced availability of Kubernetes clusters.

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