Invited to Attend Malaysia-China Economic and Trade Forum – Neoway Will Strengthen Cooperation with Malaysian Government in Digital Economy

SHENZHEN, China, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On April 1, the Malaysia-China Business Forum was held in Beijing. Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and the ministers from Malaysia’s major institutions attended the meeting, including the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation, and the Ministry of Tourism. Wang Kang, Chairman of Neoway, was cordially invited by the Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia to attend the high-profile business forum. The two sides will explore new avenues for cooperation in digital economy and provide cutting-edge products and services for Malaysia’s new digital infrastructure.

Anwar Ibrahim highlighted that Malaysia is firmly committed to new energy, digitalization, and food security. His visit to China has made the bilateral trade and investment between the two nations reach an all-time height, totaling MYR 170 billion.

In recent years, Malaysia has been continuing to drive the development of the digital economy. In 2021, the Malaysian government unveiled a ten-year blueprint for the digital economy, titled “Digital Malaysia”. This ambitious plan outlines a path for investment in cutting-edge digital infrastructure, such as 5G and super-large-scale data centers, through innovative public-private partnerships. In 2022, the Malaysian government launched the digital Initiative, focusing on nine areas, including digital tourism, digital trade, digital agriculture and digital finance. This initiative is designed to enhance Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global digital revolution and digital economy by promoting the widespread adoption of digital technology, supporting the growth of local technology companies, and attracting high-value digital investment, thereby pushing the advancement of digital economy.

As China’s digital economy continues to flourish and the construction of “Digital China” becomes a new source of national competitiveness, Neoway is proud to offer a groundbreaking 1 + N solution for the construction of new urban Internet of Things (IoT) based on 17 years of expertise accumulation and deep understanding of the IoT industry. 1 means “Neoway Access”- a digital and intelligent operation management and service platform for urban IoT; N means N scenario-based IoT solutions, specifically designed to enhance urban public safety and ecological environment monitoring. These solutions have already been applied in many cities across China contributing to the construction of new intelligent cities and delivering impressive results.

Neoway Access is a comprehensive supporting platform that provides one-stop device access, data governance and service sharing for IoT applications. It integrates the key functions of “construction, management, application, and operation” to enable the builders and operators of the new urban IoT to quickly realize standardized and unified access, panoramic data linkage, intelligent network management, and scenario-based situational awareness for IoT perception devices. By doing so, it reduces the need for repeated platform infrastructure construction and lower the access threshold for multiple devices in different scenarios and with different standards, thereby improving the ability of data analysis and governance. Additionally, it can promote new formats and modes of data co-construction and sharing, leading to more efficient and effective IoT solutions.

In the field of urban public safety, Neoway can help city managers to build a three-dimensional network of risk perception at the city level, for an all-round and three-dimensional view of various risks, covering urban public safety, production safety and natural disasters. This network enables remote real-time monitoring and dynamic early warning of risks, reducing the degree of disasters and even avoiding accident hazards. With Neoway, city managers can detect, prevent, and deal with specific risks as early as possible, ensuring the safety of citizens and the integrity of the city. Multiple solutions in this field involve gas safety monitoring, bridge and tunnel safety monitoring, mountain slope safety monitoring, dam safety detection, building safety monitoring and tailings reservoir safety monitoring.

In the field of ecological environmental protection, Neoway can provide the government and enterprises with comprehensive supervision of water environment, atmospheric environment, key pollution sources, solid waste, grid management of environmental protection, AI intelligent analysis of ecological environment and other solutions. All these digital and intelligent means empower managers with higher level of ecological environment management.

More than 20 cities, numerous districts, counties, and businesses across China have benefited from competitive products and technical supports by Neoway 1 + N solutions, which gives city managers access to everything from hardware to software, from construction concepts to implementation plans.

In recent years, Neoway has also been actively engaging in business cooperation with Malaysia. With the ongoing promotion of the “Digital Silk Road” and the increasing demand for digital transformation in Malaysia, Neoway will work more closely with the Malaysian government,  helps to enhance Malaysian digital service capabilities and expedite the development of digital cities and the digital economy.

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