iNtRON developed advanced bacteriophage engineering platform technology based on modified random mutagenesis

The transposon technology development following the customized CRISPR/Cas system for bacteriophage 2nd Generation technology of Robot Bacteriophage

BOSTON and SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iNtRON Biotechnology (“iNtRON”, has announced today that the Company has established the 2nd generation technology of Robot Bacteriophage development. The random transposon mutagenesis technology can be now applied into the bacteriophage genome in addition to the previously announced the customized CRISPR/Cas system for the bacteriophage engineering improvement. In virtue of the progress, non-essential genes can be identified in the bacteriophage genome, and a gene transfer for granting additional functions to the target site along with genome size control can be done much easily.

iNtRON pursues to not only neutralize viruses using bacteriophages based on PHAGERUS® but also apply PHAGERIA® and PHAGERIARUS® platform technology for the development of immunotherapeutic agents. To enable this, the Company requires to secure more advanced Robot Bacteriophage technology in order to freely design and produce the bacteriophage genome as desired.

Following the previously developed the ‘REVERSE’ genetics technology, the customized CRISPR/Cas System for bacteriophages, the technology developed this time is a ‘FOWARD’ genetics technology, which facilitate to find and remove non-essential genes in the bacteriophages. That is, iNtRON has secured the 2nd generation platform technology that can develop a Robot Bacteriophage with desired characteristics by introducing wanted genes into the retained empty spaces from the removed non-essential genes.

Dr. SON, Jee Soo, BD department head of iNtRON said “This is the first case of utilizing random mutagenesis to test bacteriophage gene function, and I think it has great significance in that High-throughput Screening (HTS) became possible through the modified and optimized random mutagenesis technology developed this time that uses the conventional transposon used for bacteria, but iNtRON adds the technology of an experimental method to select mutation-induced improved bacteriophage.”

In this regard, the Company official has shared that iNtRON plans to keep upgrading and accelerating the technology so it could improve genes regardless of its size and gradually expand the types and categories of the improved bacteriophages by selection and removal of the non-essential genes from various natural bacteriophages isolated by iNtRON.

Mr. YOON, Kyung Won, CEO of iNtRON said “As we believe the ‘modified random mutagenesis’- based platform technology developed this time can be utilized universally in PHAGERUS® for the antiviral agents development, and PHAGERIA® and PHAGERIARUS® for the anticancer and immunomodulatory agents development, the Company plans to expand the development field and target area continuously.”

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iNtRON is a leader in bacteriophage-based technology with aim to develop and investigate into the ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutics’ market. While pursuing global research and business development (R&BD) investments since their foundation and accelerated development after entering its IPO in KOSDAQ, the company honed in on innovating BIO New Drugs by developing various ‘First-in-Concept’ bio-drugs and conducting clinical studies in phases. The Company is committed to development of innovative innovation in the infectious diseases and ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutics’ area.

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iNtRON has established its wholly owned US subsidiary, iNtODEWORLD, Inc. in 2017. iNtODEWORLD was initially registered in Delaware and the headquarter office is currently located in Boston. iNtODEWORLD provides news, updates and platform development progresses of iNtRON to its potential global partners and collaborators along with its own R&BD works in the US.

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