Introducing MFinder: A Real-Time Lost Phone Tracking App

NEW YORK, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DataUniverse announced on the 3rd the launch of the MFinder service, which aids in the swift recovery of lost mobile phones and securely protects important data, across more than 190 countries.

Experience more features for the recovery of your lost phone. Be prepared for the loss of your mobile with MFinder. Real-time location tracker will find your mobile so much easier, faster and even secure valuable data in your phone from theft. Let MFinder locate your lost phone!

DataUniverse is a company advancing solutions to modern-day societal issues, such as voice phishing scams, phone loss, and the leakage of personal information including phone numbers, through information and communications technology (ICT). With its technological capabilities and diverse experience in providing services, it is creating intelligent and advanced global services.

MFinder operates exclusively on Android, and the app must be installed in advance as a precautionary measure against mobile phone loss. Using MFinder is straightforward: after installing the app, sign up with a Google account and proceed through a simple setup process.

If the phone is lost, log in on the MFinder website. At this point, the lost mobile phone is switched to “Lost/Locked Mode” to prevent others from using the phone. The lock screen displays a message and an emergency contact number for the phone finder to facilitate communication.

The location of the lost phone can be checked every 30 minutes. Each time the location is recorded, the phone’s front and rear cameras take photos, making it easier to determine the precise location of the lost phone. If someone tries to tamper with the phone, pressing the volume buttons triggers location tracking and photo capture, potentially allowing the identification of the unauthorized user. Even if the lost phone is in vibration or silent mode, it can emit a siren or text-to-speech (TTS) message to alert nearby people to the loss.

Additionally, it offers the capability to remotely activate the phone’s camera and microphone. You can look around the environment in real time with the camera and ask for help directly from people nearby using the microphone to send out an audible message. If you’re concerned about the leakage of personal and financial data from the lost phone, you can choose to backup necessary files or even delete everything if recovery seems unlikely.

MFinder is available through a subscription model and is currently offering a 14-day free trial promotion.