Introducing DS362 Time of Flight Camera: Redefining Surveillance with Privacy at Its Core

TAIPEI, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s security landscape, where privacy concerns are paramount, LILIN is thrilled to introduce the DS362 Time of Flight (TOF) Camera – a game-changer designed to prioritize privacy without compromising on surveillance efficacy.

Traditional surveillance systems often invade personal privacy by capturing intricate details. The DS362 TOF Camera takes a different approach, focusing on capturing object depth rather than fine details. This innovation not only safeguards individual privacy but also streamlines computational processes, enabling swift event detection and response while conserving hardware resources.

Key Features:

Privacy Protection: The DS362 TOF Camera prioritizes depth over detailed imagery, making it ideal for sensitive environments like medical facilities and confidential workplaces.

Efficient Surveillance: With minimized computational requirements, this camera ensures rapid event detection and response, enhancing operational efficiency in various settings.

Precision Spatial Analysis: Leveraging advanced 3D spatial information, the DS362 TOF Camera offers accurate measurements, making it indispensable for warehouse management and space optimization.

In caregiving contexts, the DS362 TOF Camera alleviates the feeling of constant surveillance for individuals under care, thereby reducing psychological stress for both caregivers and recipients. This breakthrough not only liberates caregivers from the need to continuously monitor screens but also results in significant savings in labor costs.

Notably, this camera operates autonomously, eliminating the necessity for a PC. It conducts image analysis and event detection directly at the edge, resulting in substantial savings across various hardware and software fronts. When integrated with the LILIN video management system, users can also receive a variety of notifications on their mobile devices.

“DS362 TOF Camera marks a significant advancement in surveillance technology,” says Steve Hu, CIO of LILIN,  “With its privacy-centric design and efficient surveillance capabilities, it meets the evolving needs of modern security environments.”

The DS362 “Time of Flight Camera” is now available, empowering organizations to achieve robust security while upholding individual privacy. For more information, visit

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