GUANGZHOU, China, July 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Intertek has lately attended the global press conference held by Midea for its latest heat pump in Budapest, Hungary, and awarded Midea the world’s first HP Cold-resistant certificate to this innovative product. 

Klaus Herrmann (left), Chief Certification Manager of Intertek Electrical China, and Robin Luo, GM of DX Product Company, Midea MBT, attended the certificate awarding ceremony

HP Cold-resistant Certified Tick Mark is a certificate issued by Intertek for manufacturers to emphasize the superior performance of the heat pump operating at ultra-low temperature. This certificate targets the cold regions in Europe and North America. It is the first time for Intertek to apply its cold-resistant performance test to heat pump and award its world’s first cold-resistant certified Tick Mark in this area. The certificate can be served as a convincing testimony for manufacturers to demonstrate the outstanding performance of their products through various indicators (such as heating and frost-resistant performance). 

How to ensure normal operation and maintain good heating performance of heat pumps in extremely cold regions is always a headache for many experts. Intertek has conducted in-depth exploration and research, followed up on the development of related services, and developed a scientific and reliable test program to quantify the performance of heat pump systems against extreme temperature and climate conditions.

Midea’s Nature heat pump heating units have greatly improved the heating performance under cold conditions with efficient heat transfer technology and advanced designs, such as large silent wind blades, optimized lower-resistance air duct system, ultra-wide DC frequency conversion compressor of large displacement capacity, and efficient outdoor heat exchangers. According to the tests and verification by Intertek, the heating capacity of Midea’s Nature heat pump heating units at “-22°C” is no less than 80% of the heating capacity at “-10°C”. The final test results show Midea’s Nature heat pump can reduce the impact of ultra-low temperature on the operating system and ensure stable operation, which makes the users more comfortable in daily life. 

Intertek HP Cold-resistance Certified TICK MARK

Mr. Klaus Jürgen Herrmann, Chief Certification Manager of Intertek Electrical China, extended his congratulations to Midea at the award ceremony in Budapest on July 4, 2023. He said: “This is the first heat pump performance test and certification project between Intertek and Midea, as well as Intertek’s first HP Cold-resistant Certified Tick Mark in the world, which is of great significance to the cooperation between Intertek and Midea. The award is not only a strong proof of Midea’s excellent capacity in line with international requirements, but also highlights Intertek as a leading service provider in the area of heat pump test, verification and certification. In the coming years, Intertek will, based on its reliable professional knowledge and worldwide service experience in the field of HVAC and refrigeration equipment, cooperate with Midea closer to withstand the trend of scientific and technological innovation by complementing advantages in technology, resources and other fields.

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