International Share Trading Platform Moomoo Reveals Investors Were More Cautious in Approach to Investing in 2022

SYDNEY, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new product report by international share trading platform moomoo reveals its 10 most used features in 2022, among which include the app’s Earnings Calendar and Paper Trading tools.

The product report is conducted annually to evaluate changing global investor behaviours and uses data from moomoo’s Australia, US and Singapore users. The latest report suggests that moomoo users were more cautious when selecting which shares to buy than they were in previous years.

New moomoo report reveals some of the most used and favorite moomoo features in 2022.

Moomoo Global Product Manager Shine Deng says the 2022 report shows a significant shift in investors’ risk tolerance.

“In 2021, fast growing companies and emerging industries were highly sought after, however in 2022 investors were more interested in seeking out companies with ample cash flow and stable operational performances,” Deng said.

“We also saw investors use tools to assist with decision making more frequently in 2022, suggesting they were more cautious in their approach to investing in 2022’s bear market than previous years.”

Top 10 Platform Features – moomoo users (Australia, US and Singapore)

Earnings calendar Industrial chain Paper Trading Heat Map Study guides Line Drawings Institutional Tracking Stock Screener Stock profile and financials Options trading (currently not available in Australia)

Sera McKenna, a moomoo Australia user and full-time mum of four, recommends novice investors use the tools available on the app to help them map out their investment strategy.

Using moomoo’s Industrial Chain and Earnings Calendar features, Sera discovered a connection between rising EV companies and the Australian mining industry.

“Don’t forget the big guys behind the finished products,” McKenna said.

“When everyone is driving electric vehicles, hopefully I have learned and invested enough in the right companies, as we all know the industry is going to explode. I want to build something up for my children.”

Being a customer-focused online trading platform, moomoo is devoted to empowering investors of all kinds to trade like a pro. The report summarizes 20 cases studies that demonstrates how various users leverage the key moomoo features, as well as what they have learned from their past investing experience.

The full product report can be viewed here.

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