Intelligent Technology Endows Para Athletes with More Possibilities

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from

The intelligent bionic prosthesis designed for athletes with disabilities made a deep impression at the 4th Asian Para Games.

Xu Jialing, China’s para swimmer, lit the cauldron with her bionic arm at the opening ceremony of the Para Games. The deep-gray bionic arm and its flexible movement depicted a futuristic image, making the ceremony more sci-fi than ever.

Behind this fantastic image, the advancement of brain-computer interface technology is shown to the public. The bionic arm, as an example, consists of two parts-the arm and the socket, and obtains users’ myoelectric and nerve electrical signals through sensors. Put it simply, users can control the bionic prosthesis with their “brains”.

The intelligent prosthesis also get applied at the torch relay. Ye Jinyan, the torchbearer, stood up on her bionic leg and passed the torch successfully. “It is like a natural part of my body. And now I have the chance to learn to ride a bicycle.” Ye Jinyan said. Unlike the traditional prostheses, the intelligent ones can scan and analyze situations, and predict the slip or other accidents based on AI, providing a more safe environment and more opportunities for users.

Additionally, the intelligent dog was also displayed in the games. Cai Qionghui, the torchbearer who concluded the torch relay with an intelligent guide dog, said that she felt more at ease with the help of the intelligent guide dog, which can cruise and avoid obstacles automatically.

The advancement of high-tech benefits all mankind, especially people with disabilities. Here in Hangzhou, anything impossible gets the chance to be possible.