Intelligent 65W Charger: NovaPort DUO

Launching the World’s Smallest 65W Charger on Indiegogo

OSAKA, Japan, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The World’s Smallest Intelligent 65W Charger: NovaPort DUO 65W will be launched on Indiegogo this week by CIO Japan, a Japanese charger manufacturer in Osaka, Japan. This project raised over $275,000 USD on the Japanese crowdfunding site “Makuake”.

NovaPort DUO is the world’s smallest dual port charger, with CIO’s original automatic power distribution technology.

The NovaPort DUO 65W is the world’s smallest 2-port USB-C charger, it has a 65W high power output and a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand. Also, as a multi-port charger, it can power PCs, smartphones and tablets, as well as a variety of devices simultaneously.

It is equipped with CIO’s original control technology “Nova Intelligence.” Nova Intelligence instantly detects the optimal power for each device, from small devices to laptops, and provides a smarter, stress-free charging environment.

In addition, the heat dissipation and maximum power efficiency of the graphene and GaN chip make the NovaPort DUO the world’s smallest USB-C charger.

The surface is coarsely grained like that of a high-end SLR camera. Resistant to scratches, its design makes it ideal for everyday use.  

Here are the details again about this exciting project:

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About CIO: CIO Co., Ltd. has been striving to achieve greater convenience for people since 2017. Based on the concept, “delivering the latest and most exciting gadgets”,  CIO Co., Ltd. does not just import the products, but is committed to developing new products for customers.

NovaPort DUO will be launched on August 2:

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