Integre Trans has formed a partnership with BANF, a smart tire sensor company, to advance sustainable trucking initiatives

BANF and Integre Trans have announced plans to integrate BANF’s intelligent tire solution into a significant portion of Integre Trans’ logistics trucks.

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a strategic move aimed at accelerating its global reach, BANF has entered into a partnership with Integre Trans – transport and logistics services company, for the implementation of the Intelligent Tire Profile System for trucks.

Integre Trans is a transport and logistics services company with headquarters in Lithuania and branches in Germany, France, and Poland. Integre Trans manages a fleet of over 1,000 trucks and trailers, offering road transportation services to a diverse clientele of more than 900 direct clients. The company works with a wide range of sectors: food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, retail and wholesale trade, manufacturing, chemicals, and more. The main export markets for its services are in Western Europe: Germany, France, the Benelux countries, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

This collaboration will enable Integre Trans to capitalize on BANF’s Smart Tire Profile System, gaining real-time insights into tire conditions, lug nuts status, wheel alignment, thereby contributing to advancements in safety and fuel efficiency.

“Teaming up with BANF for the Truck Tire Profile System is our commitment to safer and more efficient transportation services at Integre Trans. This collaboration marks a step forward for us, bringing innovative solutions that improve our operations,” Head of Business development Laurynas Burauskas said. 

For BANF, this partnership signifies a valuable opportunity to fortify its position in the European market while expediting its overarching global expansion strategy. Already deeply involved in various projects with international truck manufacturers, tire producers, and fleet enterprises, BANF has garnered global acclaim for its technological expertise and competitive edge.

The VP of BANF, Ron Yoogun Lee, underscored the importance of the collaboration with Integre Trans, affirming, “This partnership marks a pivotal milestone in validating the high-quality services and solutions our company can deliver to global logistics enterprises. We are committed to advancing further in the global market through our innovative technology and services.”

BANF offers a range of solutions geared towards efficient tire management, including the extension of truck tire lifespan, improvements in fuel efficiency, and heightened safety measures. Through these solutions, clients stand to realize operational cost savings and contribute to environmental protection.