Integrating Industrial Design with Manufacturing and Modern Service Industry | Insights

CHONGQING, China, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from iChongqing – Chongqing – China’s Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality released a joint initiative empowering smart manufacturing through design. It launched the industrial design cloud platform at the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle Industry Design Empowerment Conference opening ceremony on June 28.

The joint initiative encompasses service, training, experience, and ecology of industrial design systems. Both regions will leverage their innovation and supply chain resources to foster exchanges in industrial development, talent cultivation, and achievement transformation. 

Seven investment cooperation projects, including China Industrial Design and Research Institute, were signed during the opening ceremony to integrate industrial design with manufacturing and the modern service industry.

Industrial design catalyzes the high-quality development of SMEs

As an initial point of the manufacturing, value, and innovation chains, industrial design is a comprehensive innovation combining technology, engineering, aesthetics, psychology, and economics.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is dedicated to promoting new industrialization and developing a robust manufacturing and network country. This entails focusing on intelligent design, collaborative design, interactive design, and other innovative models to enhance the capacity for industrial design innovation, as emphasized by Cui Shutian, an official from the ministry.

According to Li Ning, a representative from the Industrial Culture Development Center of MIIT, industrial design acts as a catalyst for the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It enhances product value, fosters corporate innovation, and boosts industrial competitiveness.

The Industrial Designers Society of America has calculated that every dollar invested in industrial appearance can yield benefits worth $1,500.

Cui highlighted the importance of transforming science and technology, production, data, market, talent, and other innovative elements into functions, experiences, and services that meet the enterprises’ needs. This transformation will strengthen the industrial supply chain and provide robust economic support.

Industrial design leads to the ChengduChongqing industrial economy

Chengdu and Chongqing have emerged as crucial manufacturing hubs in the country, seamlessly integrating industrial design with the industry and giving rise to the ChengduChongqing industrial economy. 

As of 2022, the ChengduChongqing region is home to 22 national industrial design centers and 246 provincial ones. Nine key industrial design parks have been built, attracting prestigious domestic companies and hosting over 50,000 online design service firms. 

In the case of Chongqing, the industrial design field has witnessed significant improvement, pioneering China’s complete professional evaluation system for industrial design. The industrial ecological system is also evolving with the introduction of numerous professional industrial design firms. 

Take the Dazu Rock Carvings Culture and Creative Park as an example; the park has attracted businesses from other provinces like Fujian, Yunnan, and Zhejiang, aiming to create the most distinctive sculpture industry base in Southwest China. 

With the park serving as the central hub, the Dazu District has attracted hundreds of sculptures, stone carvings, and other related enterprises to set up operations. The district has become the incubator for 526 entrepreneurial projects in the sculpture sector, with the participation of 26 national and provincial arts and crafts masters.