Integrating Global Wisdom with a Blueprint for Scientific Innovation Incubation 2023 World Top-Performing Incubator Forum invites you for a journey together.

SHANGHAI, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From December 5th to 6th, 2023 World Top-Performing Incubator Forum will be held in Lingang, Shanghai. With the theme of “Innovation Incubates the Future”, the forum will gather more than 100 representatives from international top-tier incubators, and investment institutions, as well as industry experts, leading experts in science and technology projects, and innovative leading talents to jointly discuss the upgrading and development strategies of global incubators, explore the cutting-edge trends of science and technology, inspire the power of innovation, and join hands to create a new pattern of innovation incubation in the future.

Professional: Diversification and integration to promote high-quality technology to drive the future

World Top-Performing Incubator Forum will focus on the goal of developing Shanghai into an international science and technology innovation center and building Lingang New Area into a growth highland for scientific innovation enterprises, take the construction of high-quality incubators as the guide, connect the world’s top scientific innovation resources, cultivate strong technology-based enterprises and develop future industries. The forum covers five activities: visit, thematic forum, roundtable discussion, matchmaking for cooperation, and interactive exhibition. The “1+1+1+1+3” series of activities cover the whole link of services available to incubate technological innovation enterprises, including the opening ceremony of the “2023 World Top-Performing Incubator Forum”, Seminar on Innovation Model for Global Incubators, Exhibition for International Incubator Innovation Models, and the group visit to high-quality incubators as well as three sub-forums on “New Model for Advanced Incubation”, “Capital Empowers Incubation for Life Science Industry” and “Innovation Incubation and Investment by Large Enterprises”, meanwhile, we will promote all-round, multi-level, and comprehensive synergy for international innovation and organize a grand meeting to discuss cutting-edge scientific and technological development, international cooperation mode, and super incubation platform.

This forum will bring together the world’s top intellectual resources for scientific innovation and incubation. Xu Tian, Vice President and Professor of Genetics from Westlake University, Mohamad Sawan, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Chair Professor of Westlake University, IEEE Fellow, Hanson Gifford, Managing Partner of The Foundry, Frederico Lourenco, Vice President of Portfolio Strategy and Operation from Flagship Pioneering, and other industry pioneers will deliver keynote speeches to talk about the forefront of technological innovation at home and abroad, high-quality scientific innovation ecosystem, training of incubation talents and integration of resource factors, acceleration of the application of cutting-edge achievements, cultivation of future industries, and help Shanghai build a science and technology innovation center with global influence.

Global: Open up frontiers of collaborative innovation chains for new convergence

The 2023 World Top-Performing Incubator Forum will be held to share Shanghai’s experience and achievements in the rapid development of incubators as China’s science and technology innovation center. At the same time, many international incubators entering China for the first time will bring more international experience to Shanghai. Start-Up Chile, known for its innovative incubation projects and multinational vision, has successfully nurtured an internationally competitive entrepreneurial team by providing financial support, customized mentorship, and industry resources. The Foundry, the UK’s top incubator, has accumulated a large number of successful cases in the commercial transformation of technology research findings…Several international incubators will share their insights in Shanghai for the first time. The experience of ITU ARI Teknokent and Bilgiyi Ticarilestirme Merkezi, the Turkish incubators, in scientific and technological innovation, industrial connection, and internationalization is worth learning from. More representatives of international incubators from the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia will also share their in-depth experience in innovation models, development of innovation vehicles, technological applications, and industry frontiers, bringing about the brainstorming of incubation ideas at all levels in various industries.

Lingang, a port by the sea for sailing afar.

As one of the hosts of this forum, Lingang New Area is playing the leading role in scientific and technological innovation and industrial development. Its establishment and vigorous development demonstrate China’s comprehensively expanded in-depth and successful reform and opening-up practices, as well as China’s determination and achievements in opening up to the world.

Globally, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology, and other industries, high-quality incubation in cutting-edge science and technology fields has become increasingly important. Incubators begin to attach more importance to innovation in frontier technologies. Through the 2023 World Top-Performing Incubator Forum, Shanghai will continue to connect global innovation incubation resources in the future and broaden more prospects for international scientific and technological innovation collaboration.

We look forward to joining hands with you for a splendid and ambitious dream and witnessing a new milestone for the transformation of global technology incubation.

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