Integrating digitalization and industry: Guizhou’s agricultural modernization accelerates in the fast lane

GUIYANG, China, May 26, 2023  /PRNewswire/ — A news report by

In recent years, Guizhou Province has experienced a remarkable transformation in its agricultural and rural sectors, thanks to the rapid growth of the big data industry. This development has propelled the province to expedite the establishment of digital scenarios in agriculture, fostering the digitalization and intelligent evolution of traditional farming practices. The integration of digital technology has permeated every aspect of agricultural production, distribution, operation, and sales, spanning from the cultivation of crops to their ultimate consumption. This seamless fusion of digitalization and industry has led to a profound “Butterfly Effect”.

At the front end, Guizhou Province boasts over 1,000 local digital sales platforms, such as “ONE MA Guizhou“, which have emerged as pivotal gateways for external sales. At the middle end, the integration of logistics infrastructure, exemplified by the “Cloud Warehouse of Guizhou Products”, spanning provincial, city, county, town, and village levels, has expedited the efficient transport of agricultural goods from Guizhou. Finally, at the back end, the user-friendly “Guizhou Intelligent Agriculture Cloud Platform” has emerged as a reliable digital steward, facilitating enterprise growth and data collection.

This newfound “wisdom” derived from big data has fundamentally reshaped the production and operation way of farmers in Guizhou.

In the Luoye New Village of Longtan Sub-district, Guanling Autonomous County, Guanling County Prickly Ash Industry Data Center serves as a hub for agricultural information. Here, a large LED screen showcases comprehensive data on the cultivation base of prickly ash. Through this robust big data platform, real-time information on growth, pest control, soil pH levels, and other essential factors are collected for over 400 acres of prickly ash planting in the Luoye New Village, Longtan Sub-district. These valuable data enable the provision of diverse agricultural guidance, environmental monitoring, and early warning services for the cultivation base of prickly ash.

Well-growth Zanthoxylum bungeanum (Source IC photo)

Furthermore, Prickly Ash Industry Data Center is equipped with an array of advanced systems, including automatic drip irrigation, Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring, standardized management, and AI-based agronomic services. This comprehensive infrastructure is complemented by weather stations, soil monitoring stations, and pest measuring lights strategically placed throughout the prickly ash cultivation area. These devices enable real-time monitoring of crucial factors such as soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and pest activity.

At the farm of Guizhou Shenghai Ecological Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. in Kaiyang County, a cutting-edge big data intelligent management system has revolutionized the concept of automated green ecological intelligent pig farming. This system facilitates real-time video monitoring of the entire pig farming process while intelligently regulating factors such as temperature and humidity.

As per the provided information, each pig at the pig farm is equipped with an intelligent ear tag that allows for continuous data collection. These smart ear tags capture various information, including sounds and body temperature, round the clock. By analyzing this data, breeders can effectively monitor the growth and health status of the pigs.

In Guizhou, the integration of digital technology and modern agriculture is exemplified in the thriving rural e-commerce sector. Mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Jingdong have significantly expanded their presence in the region, with a particular focus on rural areas in recent years.

Live broadcast hosts have become a common sight, connecting thousands of households and fostering direct interaction between farmers and consumers. Simultaneously, local e-commerce platforms and logistics infrastructure have been steadily improved, revolutionizing the agricultural production and marketing scenarios.

In Rongjiang County, located in the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province, a unique job has emerged known as “live-streaming host in rural areas”. Among them, Wang Qihong, a village resident and live-streaming host, has transitioned from selling her own agricultural products to assisting entire villages in increasing their income. Over the past six years, she has hosted more than 3,000 live shows, successfully selling over 400,000-Jin (200,000-kg) of vegetables and agricultural goods.

Rongjiang County has made dedicated efforts to cultivate and support numerous live-streaming teams in recent years. As a result, the county achieved the cumulative sales exceeding 300 million yuan for various products, both online and offline, in 2022.

The integration of the booming big data industry with the rural revitalization of Guizhou is bringing forth a new wave of digital economic growth. Recently, the “Thousands of Enterprises Integration” Empowerment Action Plan of Guizhou Province was issued. As per the plan, substantial progress is expected in enhancing the digitalization of agriculture in Guizhou by 2025. The goal is to significantly raise the index of integration between big data and agriculture from 39.8 in 2020 to 45 in 2025, further driving the synergy between these sectors and unlocking the potential for transformative advancements in the region’s agriculture.