InnoLight Demonstrates Pluggable 1.6T OSFP-XD DR8+ and Low Power 800G Optical Transceivers at OFC 2023

SUZHOU, China and SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — InnoLight Technology, the leader in data center optics, announced today that it will showcase a live demonstration of 1.6T OSFP-XD DR8+ pluggable optical transceiver at OFC 2023 in San Diego, CA (Booth # 4115), setting a new industry benchmark for pluggable optical transceiver.  

The OSFP-XD DR8+ module combines state-of-the-art 200G per lane optical technologies and industry-leading digital signal processing techniques. The module delivers up to 1.6 Tbps of transmission speed over 2km distance at a low power consumption of less than 23W over 0-70C temperature range.

“InnoLight’s 1.6T OSFP-XD optical transceiver proves that the pluggable optics continues to deliver Moore’s law in doubling bandwidth capacity without changing existing data center infrastructure. Our 1.6T optics enables 51.2T switch throughput capacity in a 1U rack configuration. It leverages the proven 100G serdes ecosystem with InnoLight’s advanced 200G optical platform to deliver a low risk, easy to implement, and cost-effective solution to drive bandwidth expansion.” said Osa Mok, the CMO of InnoLight.

In addition, in order to meet customer demand for low power 800G optical transmission, InnoLight will also demonstrate its 2nd generation 800G modules based on 5nm DSP and advanced silicon photonics technologies. At OFC 2023, InnoLight will showcase low power 800G OSFP DR8+ and 2xFR4 optical transceivers at less than 14W over 0-70C.

InnoLight also announced general availability of its 400G ZR and 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD coherent transceiver at OFC 2023. InnoLight’s 400G ZR and ZR+ transceivers are fully compliant with QSFP-DD MSA, CMIS and OIF OpenZR plus standards, and can support transmission up to 500km.  The 400G ZR (+) QSFP-DD coherent transceiver will also be demonstrated at the OIF 400ZR Interoperability Lab at OFC 2023.

About InnoLight

InnoLight designs, builds and markets high-speed optical transceivers that enable rapid bandwidth expansion of next generation networks.  InnoLight has a global operation, it has production bases in Suzhou, Taiwan, and Thailand, and R&D and Sales offices in the United States, Canada, China, Singapore, and Europe. InnoLight’s solutions offer superior technical performance, compelling value proposition, and time to market advantages that are critical for the sustaining growth of the next generation Data Center Networks. For additional information, please visit