INMOTION Unveiled Lightning-Fast New EUC and the Best Waterproof E-Scooter

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — INMOTION, a global leader in personal transportation, today unveiled a new line of high-powered mobility solutions, including world’s fastest and most powerful electric unicycle Challenger and the best waterproof dual-motor electric scooter Climber, exploring the limits of personal transportation.

Electric Unicycle Challenger

The Challenger is the fastest suspension electric unicycle ever built, which is driven by a 126V high torque motor, producing a rated power by 4500w to achieve a lift speed of 140km/h. To make sure rider’s safety, the Challenger implemented redundant hall sensor system to make the motor be controlled more precisely. Smart BMS is one of the major updates for Challenger. It uses advanced algorithms to optimize the use of capacity and charging cycles in the long term. Also, Challenger is built upon a modular design concept that make the maintenance very friendly.

New INMOTION electric unicycle Challenger makes super stable and comfortable riding with the fastest speed.

Electric Scooter Climber

The powerful and eco-friendly Climber has two 750W motors that provide a peak power of 1500 W. It is powered by a 533wh battery that boasts a range of 35miles on a single charge, allowing for a top speed of 22mph and a payload of up to around 140KG. It is worth mentioning that Climber is able to provide an impressive IP56 waterproof ratings and IP67 for battery.

“INMOTION is always looking for creative ways to excite our riders and provide an exhilarating adventure.” said Bob, CEO of INMOTION. “Challenger represents a new era in electric unicycle, we aim to be a game changer in this field”.

These two new product officially hit the market for sale today, for more details, please visit or watch the video on .


Founded in 2012, INMOTION is a global high-tech company integrated with R&D, manufacturing and marketing sensor-controlled vehicles for personal transportation. INMOTION currently holds more than 300 patents and has won international design awards such as IF, red star and G-MARK. The company is continually increasing investment in R&D in order to keep up the high pace of innovation. At present, INMOTION’s products lines cover electric unicycle, electric scooter, e-bike and more. Centered on these product lines, INMOTION will always strive to shape the transportation sector by crafting more cutting-edge rides to simplify the travel and commute within the city for all riders of all ages.

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