INMOTION Set to Showcase Latest Innovations at Trade Show in Hong Kong

SHENZHEN, China, April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A leading global company in the fields of intelligent short-distance transportation, INMOTION, announces their attendance at the upcoming Globe Source Consumer Electronics. The trade show is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong from April 11th-14th, 2023.

Inmotion will unveil a brand new ultra- high performance electric scooter Inmotion RS at the Global Source Consumer Electronics from April 11-14, 2023

INMOTION a tech company creating electric vehicles for personal transportation. The company is responsible for R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and everything in between. With their focus on affordable and eco-friendly mobility solutions, INMOTION has quickly become a household name in the e-mobility industry.

At Globe Source Consumer Electronics, INMOTION plans to showcase their latest innovations in electric transportation technology, including their new line of electric scooter. Visitors to the INMOTION booth can expect to see sleek designs, advanced battery technology, and cutting-edge safety features that make these products stand out from the competition.

In addition to their existing products, INMOTION will also be unveiling a brand new ultra-high performance electric scooter. The vehicle delivers an impressive speed of 100km/h and it is the world’s first electric scooter with transformer system, one can experience four riding forms, transform from a sports car, sedan, SUV to an off-road vehicle, empowering you to take on any challenge.

“We’re thrilled to be attending Globe Source Consumer Electronics this year and to be able to share our latest innovations in electric transportation with the world,” said Bob Yan, CEO of INMOTION, “Our goal is to make sustainable mobility accessible and convenient for everyone, and we believe that events like Globe Source Consumer Electronics are the perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible potential of e-mobility.”

With their innovative approach to sustainable transportation and a commitment to providing affordable and accessible options for consumers, INMOTION is sure to be one of the most talked-about companies at Globe Source Consumer Electronics this year.

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Founded in 2012, INMOTION is a global high-tech company integrated with R&D, manufacturing and marketing sensor-controlled vehicles for personal transportation. At present, INMOTION’s products lines cover electric unicycle, electric scooter, e-bike, hoverboard and more. Centered on these product lines, INMOTION will always strive to shape the transportation sector by crafting more cutting-edge rides to simplify the travel and commute within the city for all riders of all ages.

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