Infobird Engaged by Established Taxi Enterprise in China to Build its Digitalized Customer Service Platform

BEIJING, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infobird Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: IFBD) (“Infobird” or the “Company”), a leading provider of AI-powered customer engagement solutions in China, today announced that it has recently engaged with a well-known taxi enterprise in China. Together with the client, the Company will build an intelligent customer reception platform to empower the taxi enterprise’s cab business customer service reception with digital capabilities to ensure service efficiency and improve the customer experience. This engagement marks another important milestone for Infobird as it expands its customer base in the transportation industry.

With the accelerated pace of urbanization in China, a large number of people are moving to cities, and the demand for urban residents to travel in China is expected to continue to grow in the future. However, due to the government’s strict control of cab licenses, the supply of cabs cannot meet the growing demand for travel, making it difficult for people to easily get a taxi. In order to facilitate a better travel experience for residents’, software specifically designed for the taxi industry has become increasingly popular, particularly as the traditional cab industry has been negatively affected by the impact of online cars and private cars.

In this engagement, Infobird will provide a comprehensive digital customer service platform, which incorporates intelligent AI Chatbot customer service agents, intelligent ticketing system and customer service agents. After the platform is launched, the AI Chatbots can assist human customer service agents, realize 7X24 full-time reception, respond to inbound calls, automatically record the contents of the answer and generate work orders, which is convenient for customer service personnel to inquire, and ensure the connection rate while eliminating the occurrence of missed connections.

Whether it’s a complaint, a praise or a lost item search, Infobird’s intelligent AI Chatbot customer service agent can reply enthusiastically and intelligently, quickly solving the caller’s problems and improving the customer service experience.

Over the years, Infobird has accumulated rich experience in the field of intelligent and digital customer management and the Company is committed to deploying digital intelligence technology to create a better customer experience. Infobird serves many industries including finance, automotive, and retail, and its products address multiple needs for clients including marketing, customer service, customer operation and other full-chain service scenarios. With this new customer win in the transportation industry, Infobird hopes to deepen cooperation with this taxi enterprise client to demonstrate how its customer service solutions can improve outcomes for other companies operating in the local transportation service industry.

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