InfiRay®’s C200+ Series Thermal Cameras Launched on October 15

YANTAI, China, Oct. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 15, 2023, InfiRay®, the leading brand in the thermal imaging camera industry, officially releases its new and upgraded products—InfiRay® C200+ series thermal cameras in Yantai, China.

The C200+ series covers three upgraded models: C200 SE+, C200+, and C200 Pro+. All of them have undergone leapfrog upgrades in terms of thermal sensitivity, infrared images, startup time, display screen, image zooming-in, and body material, catering to more industrial temperature measurement applications.

It is known that Tianshu C200+ series thermal cameras inherit the original 256×192 infrared resolution, and improve their thermal sensitivity NETD to 40mK, which is only available in high-end thermal cameras. This means the products can distinguish a temperature difference of 0.04°C. Based on the newly developed CPU, the series features a shorter startup duration as low as 6s and a smoother operation response.

According to InfiRay®, for full productivity, Tianshu C200+ series thermal cameras are equipped with intelligent professional features such as a new 500nit sunlight screen, automatic range, 2×/4× digital zoom, built-in video taking, and Wi-Fi screen projection, bringing users a smoother work experience with clearer images and more powerful performance. In addition, Tianshu C200+ series thermal cameras have newly upgraded body material—TPU, with IP54 waterproof grade, 2-meter drop protection, and 15-hour long battery life, ideal for temperature measurement in more harsh environments.

It is said that InfiRay® concentrates on developing infrared thermal imaging technologies and manufacturing relevant products, with completely independent intellectual property rights. The company is committed to providing global customers with professional and competitive infrared thermal imaging products and solutions. The main products include IRFPA detectors, thermal imaging modules, and terminal products.

Compared to conventional thermal cameras, the self-developed Tianshu C200+ series thermal cameras released this time have made great progress in ease of use and professionalism. “As a leader in thermal imaging, InfiRay® will continue to invest in R&D, upgrading, and iteration of thermal imaging cameras, bolstering the development in fields such as electrical maintenance, HVAC leak detection, equipment inspection, automotive maintenance, process production, and product R&D,” said the company head.