Infinix Partners with BMW’s Designworks to Launch All-New NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition

SHANGHAI, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Infinix today proudly introduces the Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition, a bold blend of speed and innovation. Created in partnership with BMW’s esteemed Designworks, this handset embodies the essence of racing and technology. Designed to ignite the spirit of pushing boundaries and embracing velocity, the NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition stands as a powerful symbol of performance and racing fervor. Its cutting-edge materials and reimagined aesthetics earned it the prestigious iF Design Award 2023.

Design collaboration with BMW’s Designworks

“The NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition is a true flagship smartphone combining legendary design with top specifications. Through this collaboration with Designworks, we have pushed the boundaries of product design once again and integrated racing elements that represent speed and passion together with our leading products. With its futuristic look and powerful configuration, the NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition brings young users personalized product experiences that share our brand spirit and encourage everyone to follow their heart and continually challenge themselves,” Lake Hu, CMO at Infinix.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Infinix. Incorporating racing elements into the heritage of the Note 30 VIP was both fun and challenging. Infinix gave us the freedom to create, allowing us to create a more futuristic look for the younger generation while pushing the limits by integrating the racing spirit into every detail of the phone design,” Andre De Salis, Creative Director of Designworks.

Featuring innovative 3D Lighting Leather technology

Racing Themed Design Inspiration

The NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition draws its inspiration from the exhilarating realm of street racing. Emulating the captivating scenes of neon-lit racing cars at night, this design guarantees a standout presence.

Incorporating groundbreaking 3D Lighting Leather technology on the back, Infinix pioneers a fusion of classic leather texture with cutting-edge lighting effects. The result is a truly unique visual and interactive encounter. This innovation allows the iconic tri-color light band on the rear back plate to shine through the black leather grain, merging elegance and innovation. This light band symbolizes speed, performance, and power, echoing the digital racing dashboard’s advanced nature and Infinix’s persistent spirit of challenge. Furthermore, this light band dynamically indicates the phone’s status through various light patterns, adding both aesthetics and practicality.

Echoing racing aesthetics, the NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition integrates motorsport elements into its design. The back cover’s design evokes the iconic checkered flag that signals race completion. The palm grip is adorned with small embossed triangles, reminiscent of performance racing steering wheels. This enhances grip and stability for an optimal hold.

Supercharged Specifications

Adding to the pulse-pounding velocity of the NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition is the revival of the NOTE series’ renowned All-Round FastCharge technology. With support for both 68W wired and 50W wireless charging, users can swiftly recharge their battery with a pit stop. This technology includes features like Reverse Charge (both wired and wireless), Bypass Charge, AI Smart Charge, and PD 3.0, ensuring a solution for every charging situation, enabling users to take control of their power around the clock.

This high-performance experience is propelled by the robust engine at the core of the NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition. Powered by the advanced 6nm Dimensity 8050 5G platform, the device effortlessly handles multitasking and immersive 3D gaming. The phone boasts a 120Hz refresh rate 10-bit AMOLED screen for a crisp and invigorating visual journey. In terms of photography, the NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition flaunts a 108MP main camera and a 32MP selfie camera, empowering users to capture intricately detailed shots that reflect their unique perspective.

An Exclusive VIP Experience

The NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition goes beyond its design to embody the spirit of speed through an extensively customized operating system. Precisely tailored, the NOTE 30 VIP boasts a unique UI theme that mirrors racing’s essence. This theme is harmonized with the color of the back plate’s light band, reflecting velocity in every aspect. Introducing Infinix’s innovative Magic Ring feature, the NOTE 30 VIP takes operating to new heights with seamless multitasking. Leveraging the front camera punch holes, Magic Ring provides swift access to information and services through a user-friendly UI design. This eliminates the need for app switching, enhancing the overall interaction experience.


To enhance the racing-inspired journey, buyers of the NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition can access a comprehensive array of VIP benefits. These encompass exclusive after-sales support, prioritized repair services, and an array of premium VIP privileges. These services mirror the high-energy thrill of the phone, offering an elevated experience to match its exhilarating essence.

The Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition will hit the market in specific global regions, with an approximate price tag of $315.

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