Infinix Collaborates with Oscar Nominees and Celebrities to Kickstart Global Vlog Competition

VENICE, Italy, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Infinix hosted a spectacular event, the “Story On !-i” ZERO 30 5G Launch, in the enchanting backdrop of Venice, Italy. During this event, they unveiled the highly anticipated Mobile Vlog Awards (MVA), an international competition spotlighting the cutting-edge imaging capabilities of the ZERO 30 5G smartphone.

This prestigious competition garnered the attention of a distinguished panel of judges, consisting of luminaries from the film and marketing industries. The panel included Mark Gill, an acclaimed writer and director with Oscar and BAFTA nominations; Lake Hu, Vice General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Infinix Mobility; Alvaro Colom, a prominent artist, film director, and videographer; and David A. Ross, a renowned art museum professional who serves as Chair at the MFA: Art Practice at the SVA.

MVA Judges

“The MVA competition is not just an ordinary challenge but a symbol of Infinix’s deep commitment to the Vlog domain. It signifies Infinix’s dedication to not only enhancing product capabilities but also building a creative platform. Through this global event, Infinix aims to inspire young creators to focus on themselves through front-camera Vlogs and share the exciting moments of their personal stories, making selfie videos a new social trend. Additionally, with the ultra-clear front-camera VLOG smartphone, the Infinix ZERO 30, Infinix seeks to empower the younger generation (Generation Z) to express themselves more effectively.” Lake Hu, CMO of Infinix Mobility.

Founded in 2013, Infinix is on a mission to craft smart devices that elevate user experiences. In a momentous celebration of this vision, Infinix unveiled its latest groundbreaking offerings on September 1st in Venice: the Infinix ZERO 30 5G smartphone and the Infinix ZERO BOOK laptop. This unveiling coincided with the launch of the Mobile Vlog Awards, an initiative that received resounding endorsement and recommendations from leading Vloggers.

‘Story On’ event in Venice, Italy

At the heart of this event, twenty-five renowned influencers and media personalities utilized the ZERO 30 5G to ‘Capture Their Own Story.’ This collective endeavor drew inspiration from Raphael’s timeless masterpiece, ‘The School of Athens,’ blending the artistry of the Renaissance with modern technology. It formed a community of perceptive and bold creators, echoing Infinix’s vision to empower individuals with the means to embrace and chronicle the richness of life.

The ‘Story On !-i’ event stands as a significant milestone for Infinix, reaffirming its role as a pioneering force in the realm of mobile technology. The Infinix ZERO 30 5G and ZERO BOOK have set new benchmarks in performance, design, and user empowerment. This reiterates Infinix’s unwavering commitment to providing young creators with the essential tools to share their stories through the medium of technology.

Infinix ZERO 30 5G Launch

The Infinix ZERO 30 5G, tailored for budding content creators, boasts a remarkable 50 MP front camera capable of shooting in stunning 4K at 60fps. This impressive feature empowers users to capture life’s moments in exquisite Ultra HD quality. In doing so, Infinix firmly establishes itself as a pioneering force in the mid-range smartphone category, bringing top-tier vlogging capabilities to the forefront for the next generation of creative individuals.

Moving to the ZERO BOOK, this device is equipped with cutting-edge 12th Gen Intel Core™ i7 and i5 H-series processors. These processors consistently deliver outstanding performance, particularly in critical areas. The ZERO BOOK Series introduces an innovative OVERBOOST mode, unlocking the full potential of its 14-core, 20-thread CPU, resulting in a remarkable 54W high-output performance. This performance hybrid design enhances computational efficiency and provides intelligent workload optimization. Additionally, it supports 16 GB LPDDR5 board memory and offers up to 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, firmly positioning it as an industry leader in memory capacity. The inclusion of up to 96EU Iris Xe Graphics further solidifies these processors as an all-encompassing solution for unparalleled computing experiences.


At the global launch event for the ZERO 30 5G in Venice, Infinix introduced its groundbreaking Explorer Satellite Communication Technology. This cutting-edge technology, demonstrated through the flagship ZERO 30 5G prototype, is built upon the LoRaWAN long-range satellite system. It enables rapid message processing and two-way messaging capabilities across extensive distances, eliminating the dependence on conventional networks. This innovation effectively addresses a range of emergency rescue requirements for users.

Infinix’s strategic plan involves validating and implementing this feature in the latter half of this year, with a gradual expansion to multiple product series in 2024, ensuring users’ safety during critical situations. The ultimate goal, set for 2025, is to provide nearly global coverage 24/7, further enhancing user safety and communication capabilities.

Twenty-five renowned influencers and media personalities utilized the ZERO 30 5G to ‘Capture Their Own Story’.

The Mobile Vlog Awards, themed “Capture Your Own Story,” serves as a global platform that urges young content creators worldwide to leverage the impressive video capabilities of Infinix smartphones for distinctive storytelling. Infinix extends a warm invitation to vloggers from diverse backgrounds and genres to be part of the mobile imaging evolution, fostering an environment where youthful creativity and inspiration flourish.

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Infinix Mobility is a rapidly emerging technology brand that designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of smart devices worldwide under the Infinix brand, which was founded in 2013. Targeting today’s youth with first in class technology, Infinix creates trendy, powerful and attainably priced smart devices that bring the latest technology on the market to users around the world at a time when they need it at a price that they want.

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