INFINIQ Unveils HEIDI AI Integrated Monitoring Solutions at ATxSG CommunicAsia 2024

SINGAPORE, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leading AI platform specialist, INFINIQ, is set to debut its HEIDI AI integrated monitoring solution lineup at ATxSG CommunicAsia 2024, the premier IT exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. The event takes place from May 29 to 31 at the Singapore Expo.

The HEIDI AI suite is comprised of three modules: ‘HEIDI AI Max’, ‘HEIDI AI Guard’, and ‘HEIDI AI Private’. INFINIQ will showcase the enhanced lineup at the exhibition, integrating all modules for a comprehensive AI monitoring solution. It reduces the time and effort required to find a specific object in large volumes of video footage and offers AI features in abnormal behavior monitoring. Therefore, it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of surveillance system.

The newly unveiled ‘HEIDI AI Guard’ provides intelligent video analytics to predict crowd density and potential danger situations. It enables preemptive responses to various hazards in industrial settings and ensures efficient 24/7 monitoring of key facilities and public spaces.

Additionally, ‘HEIDI AI Max’ allows users to search for specific individuals within video footage using natural language and image searches. This capability facilitates quick responses in emergencies by tracking the movements of identified individuals.

‘HEIDI AI Private’, an AI-powered de-identification solution, anonymizes personal information in images and videos. It automatically blurs or replaces personal information such as faces and license plates. It complies with global privacy regulations.

The HEIDI AI suite received a lot of interest from public security agencies of various countries at the exhibition.

Junhyung Park, CEO of INFINIQ, stated, “The HEIDI AI lineup unveiled today represents essential technology for enhancing safety and accident prevention in advanced smart cities. We aim to establish positive business relationships with companies across the Asia region, following our successes in Europe and the United States.”


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