Indonesians can now open Bank Raya savings accounts through local super app BRImo

Opening a digital account with Bank Raya is now possible via Bank BRI’s signature mobile banking app BRImo. The move is significant, as BRImo currently serves more than 18 million users nationwide. This will deliver a network effect to Bank Raya’s customer acquisition push.


BRImo is the signature mobile banking app of Bank BRI, the largest microfinance institution globally and Indonesia’s biggest MSME lender by assets. BRImo is considered a super app in the archipelago, as it offers more than 100 features and currently serves more than 18 million customers nationwide.  Bank Raya is the newly transformed digital bank under Bank BRI. It is on a mission to unlock the economic power of Indonesia’s gig and service economy. The tie-up sees BRImo embedding Bank Raya’s registration portal into its in-app menu. This allows users to sign up easily and help their friends and family do the same. To open a Bank Raya digital account and begin saving with no minimum balance, Indonesians do not need to visit a physical bank branch. They need only a smartphone.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Earlier today, Indonesia’s Bank BRI formally announced a partnership between its signature mobile banking super app BRImo and Bank Raya, the group’s newly minted digital bank serving as the nation’s official house of fintech and home of the local gig and service economy.

The tie-up sees BRImo adding Bank Raya’s signup portal to its in-app menu, thus making it readily available to BRImo’s more than 18 million users nationwide.

BRImo is hailed as a super app in Indonesia because it is used for a wide variety of daily needs. It offers more than 100 useful features such as simplified water and utility payments, top-ups for various e-wallets and mobile data packages, QR code payments, charitable donations, insurance, loans, and more.

“This key partnership with Bank Raya is designed to deliver true synergy within BRI Group and is part of our digital transformation blueprint at large,” said Amam Sukriyanto, Bank BRI’s Director of SME Business. “BRImo’s connectivity with Bank Raya emphasizes BRImo as a mainstay financial super app. This collaboration is one of the group’s efforts to make it easier for customers to access banking services with just one hand.”

Meanwhile, Bank Raya CEO Kaspar Situmorang said, “The purpose of this feature is to make it easier for customers to open savings accounts via an online application, without having to visit a branch office. By opening a Raya digital savings account that already uses eKYC technology, customers can save without a minimum balance, free of administration fees, and can enjoy competitive interest rates.”

Bank Raya will continue to focus on customers in the gig economy, as well as freelancers and informal workers, said Kaspar.

He added, “This collaboration is an essential step for Bank Raya to attract customers by tapping into BRI’s extensive network through BRImo. We thank BRI for giving us this opportunity and for helping people in the local gig economy more easily manage their daily finances.”

To date, more than 700,000 digital accounts have been opened with Bank Raya. The company’s digital transformation has also had positive impacts on its financial performance.

This initiation is reflected in Bank Raya’s CASA proportion (low-cost funds) which grew by 45% in the form of third-party funds collected by Bank Raya, reaching Rp10.15 trillion (~US$684.2 million) in the first quarter of 2022.

In a recent survey, the country’s Central Statistics Agency revealed that the number of gig workers in Indonesia had already reached 46.4 million people in 2020, and would continue on an upward trajectory.

Bank Raya’s leadership team is optimistic that the digital bank can reach and serve this entire segment of customers nationwide. This aim is in line with Bank Raya’s vision to become the best digital bank by supporting Indonesia as its official house of fintech and home of the gig economy.

About Raya by BRI

Formerly BRI Agro (IDX: AGRO), Bank Raya is a digital bank serving as Indonesia’s official house of fintech and home to the local gig and service economy. Bank Raya’s parent company Bank BRI is the largest microfinance institution globally and the nation’s biggest MSME lender by assets.