Indonesia Social Commerce Evermos Collaborates with Top Local Fashion Brand RiaMiranda: Unleashing the Potential of Indonesian Modest Fashion Industry to Reclaim Domestic Market

BANDUNG, Indonesia, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Social commerce from Indonesia, Evermos, and modest fashion brand Ria Miranda announced plan for a business cooperation to elevate local made moslem wear or modest fashion products to be able to generate positive impact on the national economy. The collaboration commitment is manifested in the launch of the brand Dale by Ria Miranda on Evermos’ platform and ecosystem. The announcement was  made in the RiaMiranda Annual Show held in Jakarta on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

Ghufron Mustaqim, CEO and Co-founder of Evermos, at The 10th RiaMiranda Annual Show

Ria Miranda, Creative Director of RiaMiranda Brand remarked, “In the 10th RiaMiranda Annual Show this year, I am sharing the stage with some of my fellow entrepreneurs under a number of collaboration and cooperations that aim to give a boost to the Moslem wear industry in Indonesia.”

Ghufron Mustaqim, CEO and Co-Founder Evermos pointed out, “The Indonesian people spend up to $6.09 billion every year on hijab and modest clothing products. Unfortunately, we found in our research at the World Economic Forum that only 25% of these products are made locally. This indicates a great opportunity to optimize the local industry in order to boost the national economy.”

“Through collaboration with RiaMiranda as one of the leading brand in the modest fashion industry, we want to inspire more local hijab brands to continue creating and innovating including through adoption of technology. We expect to see more local products reigning in the domestic moslem wear market,” added Ghufron Mustaqim.

Pandu Rosadi, CEO of RiaMiranda Brand said, “Market competition continues creating new challenges. With this in mind, we need to leverage on the digital transformation that is happening almost everywhere. Joining Evermos is part of our digital strategy. Evermos provides end-to-end support for the brands, serving as value chain enabler and retail enabler at the same time. I am confident that Evermos will be the platform that will bring local brand to a new level.”

“Among the support we expect to gain from Evermos is the assistance in connecting brands with hundreds of thousands of Evermos’ active resellers across Indonesia. This system allows everyone to own a business by reselling product available on the Evermos platform, including the highly potential modest fashion products that are regaining its traction in 2022,” added Pandu Rosadi.

The first concrete form of collaboration between Evermos and RiaMiranda was the inclusion of brand Dale by Ria Miranda to Evermos ecosystem in last November. Dale by Ria Miranda has a complete offering of modest fashion items from hijab to gamis (loose dress) which can be purchased for resale or for own use through Evermos app, which has more than 1 million downloads. Adding to the existing products on the platform, Dale by Ria Miranda and Evermos has planned for a product collaboration that will be launched soon.

Sharing similar vision, Evermos and RiaMiranda initiate synergy to nurture virtues

This collaboration is also a continuation of Ria Miranda’s entry into the Evermos extended family as a brand ambassador. The similarities of vision and belief between Ria Miranda and Evermos, which are to do business that not only creates financial benefit but also strong impact, make a good foundation for a harmonious synergy.

“We build this brand with the dream of creating and sharing a lot of virtues. We embedded this vision and bring it along with us in every cooperation and collaboration that we do. We always give a serious thought to the impact that we create on our surroundings. When deciding on doing a collaboration with Evermos, we made sure that we have similar vision and mission with Evermos,” explained Ria Miranda.

The most striking similarity between Ria Miranda and Evermos is the commitment to share virtue in the effort to build positive community. They often carry out positive and educative activities in their respective community, such as Al Qur’an recitals, social gatherings, training and workshop.

As a tech startup, Evermos builds and grows its communities by offline and online means in order to encourage inclusiveness. Everyone is invited to join Evermos online community by searching “Komunitas Belajar Bisnis by Evermos” (Business Learning Community by Evermos) on Facebook Group or by clicking the link

RiaMiranda and Evermos also pay serious attention to women empowerment issues. More than 70% of Evermos resellers are women. Resonates with these womenpreneurs, Ria Miranda expects to see more women with enhanced ability and capacity to thrive in business competition.

“Since Day 1, our dream is to promote inclusive economic prosperity. We believe that women are the backbone of the future, therefore we put a special amount of focus and effort to empower women in our inclusiveness initiative. Many of the Indonesian women are striving to support the family, and Evermos wishes to facilitate them in earning extra income without neglecting their roles at home,” concluded Ghufron Mustaqim.

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Tentang Evermos

Evermos is the number 1 social commerce platform in Indonesia (based on research by Populix) for resellers selling various products from MSMEs and local brands to consumers. Committed to supporting the Government to create an inclusive economy, digital transformation, and job creation, Evermos is paving the way for all elements of society beyond Tier 1 cities who want to earn extra income by becoming a reseller just for free through one application away.

Evermos presents a one-stop application that provides product interfaces, catalogs (sales & marketing kits), digital payment pages, and logistics. Evermos also enables resellers to foster their knowledge and skills in sales and marketing through regular and continuous training from professional trainers. Currently, Evermos has empowered more than 500,000 active resellers across Indonesia and cooperated with more than 1000 brand partners who are 100% locals.

In 2021, Evermos managed to raise $30 million Series B funding. It was also nominated as the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch in the Asia-Pacific region due to its capability to deliver social change and scale up despite the pandemic. Evermos is also a member of the Global Innovator for the World Economic Forum and actively participates in the discussions of the world economy, especially in the MSME sector.

In 2022, Evermos has managed to collect five achievements at once: Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, winner of the International 3G Championship Award for Women Empowerment by Cambridge IFA in Dubai, and becoming part of Endeavor Entrepreneur after thorough and tight evaluation process, 2022 Transformational Business Awards from Financial Times and International Finance Corporation (part of World Bank Group) as a special commendee for Gender-lens Finance category, and UN Women 2022 Indonesia Women Empowerment Principles Award for Transparency and Reporting category.

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