Inceptio Autonomous Driving System Increasingly Adopted by Cold-chain Logistics Providers Across China to Improve Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains

SHANGHAI, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Inceptio Technology (“Inceptio,” or the “Company”), China’s leading developer of autonomous driving technologies for heavy-duty trucks, today outlined how its autonomous driving solutions are increasingly being adopted by cold-chain logistics providers in China to improve cost savings and efficiency gains on long-haul delivery routes. Inceptio’s longtime customer, Shandong Deshun Cold Chain Logistics (“Deshun Logistics”), has deployed Inceptio’s Autonomous Driving System along multiple routes since August 2023. Inceptio recently released a short video detailing how Deshun Logistics is deploying Inceptio-powered trucks across its network which can be found here.  

Deshun Logistics is an SME with a fleet of over 100 trucks providing cold chain logistics services across several provinces, including Shandong, Hebei, and Inner Mongolia in northern China where it has operated 3 6X4 heavy-duty trucks equipped with the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System.

Lianfu Yu, CEO of Deshun Logistics, got behind the wheel to try several of the Inceptio-powered trucks himself. Yu, who has worked as both a driver and a fleet team leader in his career, described the Inceptio driving experience as a gamechanger: “In conventional driving, you use your hands, feet, eyes, and brain. With Inceptio, you only need to use your brain, which causes noticeably less fatigue. If you do feel sleepy, the truck is equipped with effective alerts and alarms to prevent an accident.”

Yu was impressed by the intelligence and reliability of the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System: “Whether I was on Beijing’s Sixth Ring Road or on the expressway in Inner Mongolia, the Inceptio truck automatically changed lanes and avoided other vehicles. The system made sound decisions and executed them in a highly efficient way.”

As a logistics company CEO, Yu’s top priority is safety, and he says that having Inceptio trucks on the road helps him sleep better at night. “More than half of our drivers have worked for the company for more than 10 years, and we are committed to keeping them safe. Autonomous driving technologies are helping us do that,” Yu said. Mr. Ding, a fleet team leader with Deshun Logistics, agreed that the Inceptio trucks offered a significant upgrade in this area: “The autonomous driving experience is much better in terms of driver safety,” he said.

“These safety benefits also help the company’s bottom line in the form of reduced insurance premiums,” Yu added. And that’s just the beginning of the cost savings. “In the past, a trip of 1,000 kilometers required two drivers, but the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System enables us to operate those routes with only one driver,” said Yu. “It also saves us hundreds of RMB per route by reducing fuel consumption by 5 liters per 100km. Altogether, the annual cost to operate each truck is nearly halved, which is why we are prioritizing Inceptio trucks in our future procurement plans.”

Ding added that Deshun Logistics is passing on some of the savings to drivers, boosting incomes across the fleet: “For example, let’s say we would have earned RMB3,000 for the 600-kilometer round trip. Two drivers would previously have split that. Now, that RMB3,000 goes to a single driver. In addition, the company saves around RMB400 in fuel costs for the journey. The system reduces our fatigue and allows us to drive longer distances each day and earn more, it’s amazing!”    

Inceptio founder and CEO Julian Ma said: “We are extremely proud of the safety and efficiency improvements that Inceptio trucks are providing to small and medium sized logistics companies like Deshun Logistics. Inceptio’s solutions deliver better on-time performance and significant cost savings whether implemented on a single truck or across a large fleet. We are working with customers of all sizes to make roads safer and logistics more reliable for everyone.”

About Inceptio Technology

Inceptio Technology is China’s leading developer of autonomous driving technologies for heavy-duty trucks. Its flagship technology is the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System, a proprietary full-stack solution. Inceptio partnered with leading OEMs to roll out the industry’s first mass-produced L3 autonomous trucks in late 2021. These trucks are operated by customers including Budweiser, Nestlé, JD Logistics, and Deppon Express across a nationwide line-haul logistics network in China. Inceptio is at the cutting edge of developing fully driverless trucks, and in 2022 became the first company to receive a public road-testing permit for driverless autonomous heavy-duty trucks in China.

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