IMOU launches new outdoor & indoor camera Cruiser 2 & Rex 3D with the latest A.I. algorithms

Featuring IMOU SENSE™ self-developed AI algorithm with new video, audio, navigation, and perception algorithms, for up to 50% more accuracy than other products on the market

HANGZHOU, China, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IMOU, a leading smart IoT solution and service provider, believes that technology and beauty can be integrated, and that smart technology can be presented in an visually-appealing way. Today it launches Rex 3D and Cruiser 2 as the first smart pan & tilt smart indoor and outdoor security camera that equipped with IMOU SENSE™, which is self-developed AI algorithm matrix by IMOU.

Real AI for Smarter and More Accurate Detection

Different to most AI algorithms present in the home security camera industry that typically have integrated chips, IMOU has invested in R&D and carried out IMOU SENSE™ algorithms in order to enhance AI performances and user experience. The powerful computing power base of IMOU SENSE™, combined with a leading CNN convolutional neural network algorithm model chip, enables efficient data processing and analysis. Compared to the algorithm provided by the chip manufacturer, the algorithm precision rate of IMOU SENSE™ is 20% to 50% more effective, which makes the detection of human and pet targets much more efficient and accurate.

Based on the powerful AI algorithm of IMOU SENSE™, Rex 3D and Cruiser 2 have a recognition accuracy of 99% for human figures and pets. It recognizes objects and processes data in 20 milliseconds (0.02 seconds) and quickly find human and pet targets in images, immediately sending a notification to the app within 0.6 seconds, allowing you to monitor what matters without receiving annoying false alerts. In the meanwhile, the omission ratio is reduced by 35% to 50%, and the false alarms can be reduced up to 95%. Rex 3D and Cruiser 2 provide more accurate detection results and can effectively filter out false alarms.

360° Smart Tracking Presents Clearer Panoramic View

Rex 3D and Cruiser 2 have two levels of image quality, 3MP and 5MP. With live monitoring and a panoramic pan & tilt feature, which ensures every corner of users’ homes is completely covered. The 8x digital zoom, more than 1080P sensor and advanced IR algorithms provide crystal clear video both day and night. Under smart tracking mode, with just one tap, the Imou Life App can be turned on, allowing the cameras to automatically track and record the moving track and abnormal events after detecting an unrecognized object.

Protect Your Home from All Sides with Auto-Cruise

The Rex 3D automatically rotates between 355° horizontally to view every corner of users’ homes, with this full range ensuring there are no blind spots. The Cruiser 2 was designed with two pan & tilt angles, the horizontal rotates 340° and the vertical pan & tilt rotates 90°. They can track the movements of people and vehicles automatically or the rotation of the lens can be remotely controlled for a panorama view. Users can conveniently turn on Auto-Cruise in the Imou App, allowing users to plan their security schedule remotely. There are six favorite points available to set via the app, and cruising time can be adjusted too. When this mode is turned on, the cameras will automatically rotate the camera between the selected favorite points to cover important areas within the set period. The retention time can be set at each favorite point for 10-300 seconds.

Active Deterrence to Scare Off Intruders

When the active deterrence mode is turned on, as soon as moving object appears on the monitor, the cameras will automatically emit a high-decibel alarm sound (100 dB) to deter the intruder, and at the same time push a notification to the app. In addition, users can set detection zones that they want to monitor on the app, which can help to avoid false alarms. What’s more, users can customize the alarm tone (the default tone is the siren tone, and the remaining three tones can be customized. Each tone lasts no more than 10s).

Full Duplex (FDx) Two-way Talk, Synchronous Video

The Rex 3D and Cruiser 2 have a built-in Hi-fi microphone and HD resolution for clear two-way video communication. The built-in speaker and microphone allows users to interact with pets and family, or to dissuade unwelcome guests. Two-way talk function can also be turned on through one button on Imou Life App.

Privacy Mode

It is also possible to rotate the lens of the Rex 3D to face down with one tap on the Imou Life App to disable recording and monitoring. The physical shield and technical cutting flow also provides users with more privacy.

Light the night up with smartness

Different night vision modes can be adjusted according to the users requirements on Cruiser 2, whether wanting night vision to remain in full color all the time or want to turn on full color only when there is an event to save energy:

Smart Mode: The camera will automatically turn into color mode from infrared mode when suspicious motion is detected.

Full-color mode: Thanks to the built-in spotlights, the night vision is now turned up and in full color.

Infrared Mode: Advance IR algorithm provide clear black-and-white pictures even in darkness.

Off Mode: Turn off all night vision modes infrared and spotlights are turned off.

Lower Space Occupancy, Higher HD Image Transmission

The Rex 3D and Cruiser 2 adopt the new generation of H.265 smart code technology, which enables a higher HD image transmission in a lower space occupancy. H.265 can transmit images at a transmission speed of 2Mbps, and provide 16-day continuous recording on a 256GB Micro SD card in 3MP camera and 8-day continuous recording on a 256GB Micro SD card in 5MP camera. Comparing to H.264, the bandwidth of H.265 is reduced by 50% so that more space is saved.

Multiple Storage Methods Supported

There are 3 ways for consumers to choose to store their video clips. For cloud storage, the recorded videos are stored remotely in the cloud, with the data strictly encrypted, and with the benefit of the video footage being saved even if the camera is broken. Users also can use SD card and NVR to store the video. SD card is up to 256 GB and supports 24 hours of continuous video recording and local saving. Once the storage is full, the old recordings will be covered with new ones.

About IMOU

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