illuni Ushers in New Era of Virtual Socialization with Global Launch of Moii

Platform connects like-minded people for low-pressure, virtual connections through customizable avatars

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The AI and mixed reality startup illuni is announcing the global beta launch of Moii, a virtual, avatar-based social connection platform. Offering low-pressure social interactions in an immersive 3D world, Moii offers a novel, engaging way for younger people to meet others with common interests and make new friends virtually.

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Moii’s unlimited access allows 1:1 matching with users from around the world for virtual socializing.

“The global beta launch of Moii is a dream come true,” commented Byung-Hwa Park, CEO of illuni. “In just a short time, we’ve already seen people from over 30 countries matching and enjoying conversations with like-minded people from around the world. Moii is not just an app; it’s a community that facilitates connections between similar people by transcending social inhibitions and geographic borders.”

Around the world, people are growing increasingly connected online and through mobile devices, while busy schedules mean less time and energy for younger people to meet new friends. Moii is harnessing these trends and virtually connecting people with similar interests from around the world for a fun, low-pressure way to socialize.

Moii allows users to express themselves through personalized avatars in a vibrant 3D virtual world, and its interest-based matching system connects users based on shared interests and profile parameters. This format fosters organic and meaningful interactions while reducing social pressure from meeting new people in-person. Going a step further, engaging elements like mini-games and conversation prompts on the platform make interactions more enjoyable while facilitating deeper connections.

Virtual avatars in Moii are customizable, and interactions take place in a rich 3D world, accessible from mobile devices.

Based on its design, Moii is ideal for:

People with certain hobbies or interests in common to connect and have conversations about these topics regularly Younger people who want to connect and tell their stories to others in a low-pressure environment Making new friends in other countries and across cultures, including for language exchange partnerships

Since its beta version release in November, Moii has seen users from around the world join and make new friends.

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Focused on developing mixed reality services using proprietary AI technology, illuni is a startup whose notable works include Storyself ( and Moii.

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