iKala Revolutionizes Influencer Marketing with KOL Radar Updates, Elevating Cross-Border Marketing Efficiency

KOL Radar introduces “Audience Authenticity Detection,” “Competitor Analysis,” and integrates “Korean Influencer Profiles” to enhance brand productivity and safety.

TAIPEI, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — iKala, a leading AI transformation solutions provider, announces three significant updates to its AI influencer marketing service, KOL Radar. The updates, which include “Audience Authenticity Detection,” “Competitor Analysis,” and the integration of “New Korean Influencer Data,” are designed to elevate brand productivity and safety in the dynamic world of influencer marketing and empower brand owners to gain valuable AI-driven data from a vast database of nearly 3 million influencers across eight Asian countries.

iKala KOL Radar introduced “Competitor Analysis”, enabling brands to track selected competitors’ social performance and review recent collaborations with influencers

KOL Radar announced today that it will officially add nearly 700,000 Korean influencer profiles on March 31st. With this addition, KOL Radar will have a database of nearly 3 million influencers from markets including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This empowers brand owners to gain insights into influencer data specific to their target markets, further expanding into unfamiliar overseas markets, understanding influencer marketing trends and pain points, and reducing barriers to cross-border business through AI influencer data.

KOL Radar also introduces two key feature updates to streamline influencer marketing’s “pre-evaluation” process, strengthening brand productivity and credibility:

Audience Authenticity Detection: Swiftly assesses the genuine fan count of influencers, ensuring collaboration effectiveness and security by filtering out suspicious fans, bot accounts, or values indistinguishable by systems. Competitor Analysis: Open beta access begins on March 31st, enabling brands to track selected competitors’ social performance and review recent collaborations with influencers. This feature assists in evaluating collaboration effectiveness, selecting suitable influencers, and refining social strategies through AI analytics.

Striving to become Asia’s largest influencer database, KOL Radar offers a comprehensive cross-border influencer data solution, accelerating AI-driven digital transformation for enterprises. Sega, Co-founder and CEO of iKala, shared upon this exciting announcement:, “iKala remains committed to developing the largest AI influencer search and analytics platform. By enhancing product features, we aim to assist brands in elevating productivity and ensuring safety in influencer collaborations. We are eager to provide more precise AI influencer marketing services, addressing past challenges and facilitating global outreach for brands delivering quality products.”