iFLYTEK Unveils an Innovative AIGC Video Generation Platform at MWC 2024 to Boost Customer Engagement

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At MWC 2024,  iFLYTEK a global leader in artificial intelligence, debuted its AI SparkGen platform, an innovative tool for automatic video generation, enables creators to effortlessly produce videos with digital avatars as hosts. By simply entering a script and selecting a virtual presenter, users can quickly generate audio and video content.

The remarkable increase in the consumption of short videos and live streams is noteworthy, as daily viewership attains levels never seen before. These formats have emerged as predominant modes of digital communication, with a noticeable trend of users preferring video content for informational purposes. The growing presence of short video bloggers and the utilization of explainer videos for product promotion represent a considerable departure from the conventional reliance on text and images.

This product empowers brand managers and store owners to create their own digital avatars showcasing videos. With more than 500,000 independent sites worldwide and nearly ten million sellers setting up shop on e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Temu, and Lazada, effective sales materials are essential for customer acquisition. Vivid digital demonstrations on official websites and product pages will significantly enhance product understanding, attract user interest, and encourage engagement and conversion.

iFLYTEK SparkGen streamlines the video creation process, allowing retailers to quickly transform the scripts and audio into qualified videos hosted by a virtual avatar. This significantly increases production efficiency, enabling a one-minute video to be rendered in just three minutes. The platform removes the need for large production budgets and complex editing work. Select a digital persona and voice, submit the script, and then employ the drag-and-drop functionality to swiftly produce an introductory video, making marketing material creation more cost-effective and efficient.

By integrating advanced AI technologies such as voice synthesis, facial modeling, lip-sync prediction, and image processing, iFLYTEK’s AI virtual hosts use 2D/3D avatars to provide a comprehensive video content production service for sectors including media, education, finance, and vloggers. iFLYTEK SparkGen boasts a vast library of digital personas and voices, supporting a wide range of languages to cater to global users. Featuring 86 talented voice actors and extensive 133 voice libraries, the platform offers natural, rich, and expressive synthetic voices. It supports a variety of languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, and Russian, and continuously updates its selection of voices and effects to enhance the user experience.


Founded in 1999, iFLYTEK has emerged as a renowned publicly listed company specializing in intelligent speech and artificial intelligence technologies within the Asia-Pacific region. Since its establishment, the company has dedicated itself to pioneering research in areas such as intelligent speech, natural language understanding, and computer vision, maintaining a world-leading position in those domains. In 2019, iFLYTEK’s next-gen speech translation system was honored with the SAIL (Super AI Leader) Applicative Award at the World AI Conference (WAIC).