IEI announces powerful and expandable embedded box PC for mission-critical IIoT applications at the edge

TAIPEI, March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IEI Integration Corp., a leading edge-computing solution provider, announces the powerful, reliable and scalable embedded box PC, TANK-XM811, with 13th Gen Intel® Raptor-Lake Core™ processor. With Intel® Hybrid Technology integrated for outstanding multi-threaded performance, multiple expansion options via wide variety of expansion modules and rugged design for reliable operation in harsh environments, the TANK-XM811 is designed for advanced IIoT applications at the rugged edge. Even edge computing requires higher speeds of data processing, increased data quantity, and heavier workloads, the TANK enables the acquisition, processing, and display of incoming data in near real-time. 

IEI latest embedded box PC – TANK-XM811

Powerful processing
The TANK-XM811 powered by 13th generation Intel® Core™ Raptor-Lake processor offers next-generation performance to deal with expanding workloads where data is created and taken action. Thanks to Intel® Hybrid Technology that combines performance cores (P-cores) and efficient cores (E-cores), the TANK-XM811 delivers higher workflow efficiency and lower power consumption.

Multiple expansion options
Besides the built-in I/O on the TANK-XM81, variety of expansion modules and chassis is also available to extend the core I/O of the TANK-XM811, providing customizable expansion options that support more add-on cards, GPU and AI accelerator cards for system integrators and developers to create comprehensive industrial applications, such as edge computing and AI vision inference.

Reliable operation
The TANK-XM811 uses a pin-fin heatsink design that allows airflow in two directions, providing better cooling than traditional parallel fins and keeping the system cool, even without fans. High-performance applications require greater power input to support powerful accelerator cards, so the TANK-XM811 supports standard power input of 12–28V DC and an optional secondary power input that can accept the extra power needed for more intense computational tasks.

Download the white paper to learn how IEI solution can empower IIoT applications to handle the increased data speed, quantity and workloads at the edge:

About IEI
IEI Integration Corporation (TAIEX 3022) is a leading global provider of integrated industrial computing and networking solutions for system integrators, service providers and developers.