iChange Harnesses the Power of AI Labs by HokuApps to Optimize Support Team Efficiency and Deliver Unparalleled Customer Service

Together they will be harnessing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Next-Level Support Automation with seamless AI integration to redefine Service Efficiency and Customer Experience.   

SINGAPORE, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AI Labs powered by HokuApps, an eminent pioneer in advanced AI-fuelled digital transformation services, is proud to announce that they are selected as the strategic technology partner by iChange, the forefront brand of IBV Pte Ltd, an esteemed and reputable organization based in Singapore specializing in innovative financial technology solutions.

iChange, their ground-breaking platform, liberates users from traditional foreign currency limitations, offering world’s first money changers marketplace where best rates and virtual wallets converge. It allows its customers to seamlessly purchase and store more than 40 currencies with unprecedented control. In the realm of neo-banking, bChange safely leverages technology in ensuring secure, swift, and entirely digital banking experiences within Singapore’s financial ecosystem. Notably, vChange sets the stage as the world’s premier B2B platform, enabling wholesale currency trading between money changers, redefining bid and ask transactions.

Establishing a renowned position within the fintech industry, IBV recently encountered a substantial increase in its customer base, introducing new challenges to the enterprise. As its customer base expanded rapidly due to its unique business model, IBV faced escalating customer support inquiries, straining its existing support team. Despite deploying a dedicated team striving to uphold exceptional customer service standards, the high volume of queries, pushed the support team to their limits. The ongoing challenge highlighted the urgent need for a more efficient approach to manage the increasing inquiries without compromising service quality while mitigating costs and time constraints, all of which led them to partnering up with AI Labs.

AI Labs, powered by HokuApps offers advanced custom GPT enablement, LLM Integration and AI consulting services. IBV is collaborating with AI Labs, to seamlessly integrate Open AI API, popularly recognized as ChatGPT, into ZohoDesk, thereby revolutionizing their customer support automation. This strategic initiative aims to enhance productivity by automating responses, suggesting pre-formatted responses, and deploying advanced functionalities and workflows. IBV will be harnessing HokuApps’ AI-driven platform to promptly offer comprehensive, self-service resolutions for their users’ prevalent concerns, seeking a nuanced understanding of their users’ individual challenges. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, it discerns and prioritizes recurrent issues, ensuring swift and tailored responses that align perfectly with the diverse needs of their clientele. Currently in its Beta phase, this pioneering project under AI Labs’ purview is undergoing meticulous refinement. The dedicated team at AI Labs is diligently fine-tuning the system to deliver unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in customer interactions, heralding a new era of elevated support service. This concerted effort signifies a ground-breaking shift towards a promising a future marked by seamless, intelligent, and customer-centric solutions.

“Collaborating with AI Labs powered by HokuApps marks an exciting chapter for us. The AI integration will enable us to streamline our workflows, allocate resources more effectively, and strategically deploy manpower where it’s most needed. This intelligent resource allocation ensures that we maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and deliver exceptional support to our customers, setting a new standard of operational excellence,” said Suresh Parthasarathy, Chief Executive Officer at IBV. “We are hopeful that HokuApps’ innovative AI platform will allow us to channel our efforts toward more essential areas, such as fostering the growth of our operations and enhancing our brand.”

“We are enthusiastic about collaborating with iChange to revolutionize their customer support framework. We believe that our AI-driven custom solutions will automate and streamline iChange customer service operations, cut down costs, enhance user interactions and facilitate a more personalized experience for their valued customers,” said Arif Gafar, Director of Sales at AI Labs Powered by HokuApps. “The opportunity to partner up with IBV excites us, as we aim to profoundly impact their quest for redefining excellence in customer support.”

About AI Labs Powered by HokuApps:
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