HyperStrong Accelerates Its Overseas Push

BEIJING, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HyperStrong, a leader in dedicated energy storage system (ESS) integration and service provision, has this year begun a foray into the overseas market, with a view to meeting booming demand for energy storage.

After its debut at The smarter E Europe in Munich this June, HyperStrong proceeded to set up its first overseas branch in the city, aiming to build a local team that could better serve clients in the European market.

Since 2012, HyperStrong has won multiple bids for new ESS projects. Leveraging its rich industrial experience, HyperStrong is widely recognized by both clients and industry peers for its production quality, project delivery capabilities, and its strength in big data processing and smart O&M. Drawing on its successful deployment of over 5GWh of ESS projects, HyperStrong has refined a full portfolio of solutions, ranging from grid-side to C&I and residential ESS.

HyperStrong has already obtained multiple IEC, VDE, UN and UL certifications for its proprietary ESS products. More importantly, HyperStrong has developed and launched an on-line O&M platform for residential ESS users, Hyper Cloud, which will soon be available for download via the App Store. With Hyper Cloud, users can monitor and manage their ESS product remotely, smartly and effectively from their phone, tablet or computer.

“2023 is the inaugural year of HyperStrong’s international development plan. After more than a decade honing our products and capabilities, HyperStrong is ready to step up its contributions to the global energy transition. We have proven products and capabilities, as well as a professional team with rich experience. These give us the confidence to offer quality ESS solutions for our clients in Europe, North America, and other countries or regions,” said Jianhui Zhang, Chairman and CEO of HyperStrong. 

About HyperStrong

Beijing HyperStrong Technology Co., Ltd. (“HyperStrong”) is a leading ESS integrator and service provider. Founded in 2011, HyperStrong has become the largest ESS integrator in China. With over 10 years of R&D and experience garnered through more than 300 ESS projects, HyperStrong offers a full portfolio of ESS products as well as one-stop solutions for clients ranging from thermal power and renewable power generation, to C&I and residential users. Having built two smart manufacturing bases, two R&D centers, a testing lab and a global marketing center, HyperStrong empowers clients worldwide to achieve their energy transition and carbon neutrality goals.

For three consecutive years (2020-2022), the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) has ranked HyperStrong as the top ESS player by energy storage system installation and/or delivery volume in the Chinese market.