Hurom Takes Global Action to Protect Juicer Patents

Protecting Proprietary Technologies and Fostering a Healthy Global Ecosystem

SEOUL, South Korea, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hurom, a pioneer in the development of the slow juicer and a leader in the global market, is stepping up efforts to safeguard patent rights worldwide to protect its proprietary technology and contribute to a healthy industry ecosystem.

Despite maintaining a lenient policy on patented technologies to foster ecosystem development, the rise of unauthorized imitations, especially in the Chinese market, has prompted Hurom to take action. 

However, unauthorized copying of patented technologies has continued in the United States and Europe. Hurom has announced a global patent enforcement campaign to protect the healthy ecosystem this April.

Jae-won Kim, CEO of Hurom, stated, “We can no longer ignore the unauthorized copying of Hurom’s patented technologies. We will take strong measures to protect the healthy ecosystem that we and our customers value.” He added, “However, under Hurom’s patent licensing policy, we intend to allow the use of our patented technologies to those who use them in good faith, thereby contributing to the creation of a healthy ecosystem together.”

Hurom’s IP Department has developed a strategy to strengthen legal actions in the U.S. and Europe, which its implementation is already underway. As of April this year, lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers and distributors in these regions, marking the beginning of a long-term patent enforcement strategy.

Hurom hopes that this response will leverage beneficial technology to foster a healthy-valued ecosystem, paving the way for a better future.

About Hurom

Hurom, founded in 1974, has dedicated nearly fifty years to research and development in the juicing field. The company’s name, derived from the word “human” and the Korean word for “benefit,” embodies the philosophy of benefiting humanity through technology and fostering a culture of health-consciousness to contribute to global health.

In 2005, Hurom revolutionized the industry by developing the world’s first vertical screw juicer, setting the standard for vertical juicers and opening a new horizon for slow juicers. Hurom is committed to innovation, heavily investing in R&D, and its juicers serve not merely as appliances but as mediums that promote healthy values.

Hurom not only manufactures juicers but also leads the way in spreading the value of health, recognized globally for building a healthy ecosystem.